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+ bulletin board archive part 8 +

+ bulletin board archive part 8 +

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♥ 2015 ♥

[ January 9th - 12th ] Eat! Devour! Swallow! Consume!: Would that we could leave it all behind.
Translation?: Oversized humanoid monsters called Titans are out to devour Wonderland's residents! They will emerge from the forest and attack the mansion in search of prey. Supplies are limited, and it is up to YOU to defend Wonderland! See this post for more information.
Character: Armin Arlert
World: Attack on Titan
+ all the characters from the world ‘Attack on Titan’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘Trost' is missing from their memories.

[ February 1st - 4th ] I've got a spectacular show for you today!: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Translation?: When the event begins, a Nest Egg will be in the entrance hall of the mansion. It cannot be removed, cut down, or destroyed in any way, but everyone will find themselves compelled to go near it if they are in the vicinity. Making contact with the Nest Egg will cause them to transform and turn into an archetype from children's television – including, but not limited to, puppets. These changes will last the entire event.

Anyone who becomes a puppet will be able to move on their own without any assistance from another character. However, the change isn't just physical! Different transformations will have different effects on the characters' personalities. For example, puppets are very small, and they really only have room inside them for one emotion at a time, which will make them incredibly reactive to the world around them and cause them to have sudden mood swings as their moods change. Someone who turns into a children's TV host might be more concerned about the example they're providing for the people around them, or become absolutely sickeningly sweet. They might worry about younger children more than they would normally and care about their well-being. Someone from an interactive children's show might stop listening to the people they talk to (for example, they might ask a question and then say PERFECT or THAT'S EXACTLY RIGHT! YOU DID A GOOD JOB! exactly two seconds after asking). Maybe they're even stuck speaking half one language, half another, in an effort to educate others about other cultures! Songs might happen more often with any of these archetypes, and you aren't limited to these examples either! If you can think of something, go for it! The personality changes will become stronger and more obvious the longer they're affected by the event.

In addition, each room is now equipped with a television, whether that character's world has television or not. Now and then they will flicker on by themselves and try to compel people to come closer and investigate. If they do so, the television will start to drain them of their life force and if they stay near the television too long, they will go catatonic for the remainder of the event. Don't worry though! It's not a mansion death (or even a death at all)! People don't really die in Children's Television! Everyone knows that! They're just sleeping, for several days in a row uninterrupted. Nothing wrong with that!
Character: Angel
World: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
+ all the characters from the world ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘self-esteem' is missing from their memories.

[ February 20th - 23rd ] Make you feel right at home, don't it?: You smile, and the whole world smiles with you.
Translation?: For the duration of this event each character will discover that their room has been replaced with one of their own memories, one that they find themselves particularly happy or "at home" in. Other characters will be able to enter and see these memories, but only the memory's owner will be able to fully interact with the scene and any people involved in it.

In addition to this trip down memory lane all characters will suddenly find themselves particularly connected to one other person in Wonderland, and for the duration of the event you and your partner will be able to (and forced to, really) feel each other's emotions.
Character: Hannibal Lecter & Sam Winchester
World: Hannibal & Supernatural
+ all the characters from the world ‘Hannibal’ and 'Supernatural', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrases ‘Folie-a-deux' and 'Cleveland Botanical Gardens' are missing from their respective memories.

[ April 9th - 13th ] What a game of intrigue awaits you!: Make sure you are clear on where your allegiance lies.
Translation?: For the duration of this event Wonderland and its population will be divided into eleven of the noble and knightly Houses of Westeros. All characters will retain the memories of their own worlds and background stories, but they will gain the belief that all of these worlds and their backgrounds have always featured the very prominent concepts of houses and house allegiances, and that they themselves have been part of one such house for their entire life.

Even Wonderland itself has chosen to honor the eleven houses it currently hosts, and from the basement to the roof each of the floors is decorated with the banners and colours of its occupying house. Of course living in such close quarters is bound to leave its mark, especially since tension between the houses have always been high.

As the event progresses allegiances will be made and broken as the houses struggle for more power, more knowledge, more recognition, and more territories in Wonderland to call their own. Live and let live may have worked for a time, but conflicts can only be set aside for so long; by the end of the event backstabbing, betrayal, and fights will run rampant in all of Wonderland!

This post has more information for you.
Character: Daenerys Targaryen
World: A Song of Ice and Fire
+ all the characters from the world ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘Trident' is missing from their memories.

[ May 1st - 3rd ] But let's worry about it when we're done soaking: It is still our turn for awhile.
Translation?: The Mansion turns into Inaba's Amagi Inn, a traditional Japanese inn in a small town. The town is visible down the hill, but it's inaccessible--the bus never seems to arrive at the stop in front of the inn, and if characters try to trek down the road to reach it, they'll end up right back at the inn.

Fortunately, this town is a bit famous for the Amagi Inn! The inn's hotsprings are relaxing and, well, hot, and everyone is free to visit. Characters should just be sure to visit them only during those hours scheduled for their gender! ♥

Rooms are also gender segregated (though the three stories of the hotel are not), and each room can hold 4-6 people. There will be a limited number of rooms, so people will have to room with a group, unless they don't mind sleeping in the hallways or the lobby or outside. Meals will appear in the room at the appropriate times (classic Japanese dishes only, of course!), and the only clothing provided will be yukata and indoor slippers.

The inn is rumored to be haunted, but there's no real proof of that. There are just Shinto spiritual seals above some of the doors and the way voices carry through the thin walls, it might sound like the wails of ghost. But it really is nothing!
Character: Seta Souji
World: Persona 4
+ all the characters from the world ‘Persona 4’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘yukata' is missing from their memories.

[ May 15th - 18th ] Can't fix that one no more: might kill me if I tried!
Translation?: For the duration of this event Wonderland will be turned into the decrepit and decaying remains of Greenland's Shelter Research Station. For four days characters will exchange the mansion's magical luxuries for survival in the cold and crumbling remains of this once thriving underground complex. Supplies are limited to whatever you can scavenge, and sustenance will largely come from non-perishable leftovers and the occasional vending machine for snacks and soda.

The network as you know it is gone, along with all regular communication devices. In their place characters may find outdated radios for audio transmissions, or occupy one of the remaining computers, marvels of the late 1990s, to try their luck with whatever is left of the facility's internal communication systems. Maps on the wall will guide your way, but don't bother going for the grand escape - outside it's only ice and snow for miles, and nothing but death by hypothermia in store for you.

It's cold and bleak all around, the only unexpected surprise waiting for those who happen to find their way into the examination area. Whatever was there once is gone now, and in its place awaits the beautiful auditorium of an opera house, as if ripped right out of New Orleans in its early 20th Century glory days. Granted, neither audience nor performers are there to liven the place up, but given the alternative you might want to stop and spend a few moments in one of its comfortable seats anyway.

But wait, there's more! From day one your character will feel a deep sense of unease in their surroundings. And why wouldn't they? Amongst the facility's destruction and decay it seems obvious that something terrible must have happened to the people here, and may soon happen to you as well! It isn't until the second day that your character begins to truly understand the root of their concern: Someone is out to get them. Someone who wants them dead and gone forever; a person who can't be stopped or reasoned with, who is the epitome of a madman.

This prevailing sense of paranoia will only get stronger over the next two days, and as soon as the third day people may outright start attacking each other. A wrong look, a word taken personally, and the paranoia turns to anger. You can never quite know, after all, which one of your "friends" might play right into your enemy's hands, deliberately or otherwise.

In the final hours of the fourth day, when the paranoia has reached its heights, that a fire starts in the examination area gone opera house. It consumes the auditorium whole, and will continue to spread across the entire facility, engulfing it in flames and smoke. Characters will be left with no chance but to flee outside, and spend the final moments of the event together in the cold.

Character: Klaus Mikaelson & Philip
World: The Vampire Diaries & Penumbra
+ all the characters from the world ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and 'Penumbra', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrases ‘Le Grand Guignol' and 'The Shelter' are missing from their respective memories.

[ June 12th - 15th ] It's not always easy to tell who's the hunter and who's the prey: The trick is to be the first one to flush the other out.
Translation?: For the duration of the event, about a quarter to a third of the characters in Wonderland will become ghouls, a species of creature that looks and thinks like humans, but can only survive by eating human flesh. Players will choose if they want characters to be humans or ghouls, but only one character per player may be a ghoul.

While all characters will retain the memories of their own worlds and background stories, they will gain the belief that all of these worlds and their backgrounds have always featured the existence of ghouls. The exception is that any character who is a ghoul for the duration of the event will believe that they have been a ghoul from birth, and their memories should be adjusted accordingly.

In other words, everyone knows about ghouls and how they're out there, hiding among humans and waiting to kill and eat people. Though they may be handled differently in different worlds, the existence of ghouls and the general belief that they are monsters is a constant across all worlds.

As for the ghouls, they know what they are, too. Some of them may be fine with it and not go out of their way to hide, killing and eating when they feel like it. Some may not feel bad about eating, but they still hide what they are because life is easier that way. And some may try to coexist with and pass themselves off as humans, avoiding killing and eating as much as possible (though this doesn't necessarily meant they like humans, just that they don't want to die). Ghouls have no rights, like humans do; discovery is an automatic death sentence.

The ghouls will want to eat during the event; if, when, and who they do is up to the players. Some ghouls may be gluttons, others may starve themselves. Both are dangerous. Some ghouls may even opt to eat other ghouls, if they get the chance. It all depends on the individual. And no, for the duration of the event, human flesh cannot be obtained from the closets, kitchen, or dining room. ♥

For more information about ghouls, head to the plotting post here.

Bonus! After the event officially ends, anyone who was a ghoul during the event will continue to have a skewed sense of taste for two full days. Whatever the character would normally eat (food, blood, the souls of the unborn, etc.) will taste disgusting.

Character: Kaneki Ken
World: Tokyo Ghoul
+ all the characters from the world ‘Tokyo Ghoul’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Rinkaku' is missing from their memories.

[ June 26th - 29th ] Silence is golden: But silence is a fence around wisdom.
Translation?:When the event begins, the mansion will have relocated. The mansion itself will be mostly the same, but it will have been dropped in the middle of a vast desert. The ocean is nowhere in sight and if anyone tries to wander too far out into the sand it will be like trying to walk over to the fences – it will loop them back around until they reach the mansion again.

However, that is not the only change coming. The mansion will be infested with lower-level angels known as "Eight Balls". Their God has left them and they are angry and unruly for it now, and seeking to attack anything they can now, to hurt, to kill, and to take over Wonderland for themselves. Unfortunately, eight balls cannot create their own bodies or, when the event begins, some of your friends may be a, to put it lightly.

Anyone possessed by an Eight Ball will completely overtaken by the eight ball, who is effectively like an unruly, violent child and little grasp of how human bodies are operated. They may walk a bit funny, as if they're a puppet on strings, and the eight ball itself will cause drastic physical changes in their vessel – tiny, sharp, blackened teeth, suitable enough to rip out a human throat. Black spider-like veins on their skin. A full black hyphema, which gives the eyes the appearance of their billiards namesake – eight balls. Some may attempt to hide this condition via sunglasses and cosmetics, but most will not bother.

More information on Eight Balls and how to defeat them can be found here!

Character: Michael
World: Dominion
+ all the characters from the world ‘Dominion’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘extermination' is missing from their memories.

[ August 7th - 10th ] Swallow! Devour! Consume! Eat!: I'm rather sick of it, you know.
Translation?: The event begins, and you wake up powerless. The closets are bust, you're on your own. The mansion has been transformed into Abel Township, a ragtag survivor camp in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, caused by a virus known as the Grey Plague. Accommodations are cramped and not half as comfortable as the mansion, the showers are cold when they're available at all, and the food is scarce; careful rations of what can be scavenged or grown.

Abel Township is surrounded by a wall, patrolled by those who serve as snipers, and supplied by the brave few who volunteer as runners, to head out beyond the walls and collect supplies, distract zombies, and do other necessary work. While weapons are available, they are limited; few guns with limited ammo (and the noise tends to attract the undead), baseball bats, hockey sticks, crowbars, and brittle makeshift weapons like cleavers attached to the end of broom handles.

While things around the camp start out relatively quiet, zombie sightings will become more frequent as the event progresses. Their attacks will turn oddly organised, and sometimes even armed. If people venture outside, occasionally odd musical tones can be heard, often heralding an attack. Finally, on the fourth day word comes that a large army of zombies is approaching and they are carrying weapons and something that looks suspiciously like a rocket launcher. Let's hope you've all done enough to prepare...

Character: Sam Yao
World: Zombies, Run!
+ all the characters from the world ‘Zombies, Run!’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Township' is missing from their memories.

[ August 28th – September 1st ] dreams don't come just from sleep : Or...have you sunk too deep?
Translation?: When the event begins, a sleeper cell will be deployed in Wonderland's mansion, made up entirely of Wonderland captives. As far as they know they are part of an organization called HYDRA, and they have always been a part of HYDRA. To everyone who isn't in HYDRA though, it will seem as though their friends have lost their minds overnight. Their friends have been completely brainwashed into thinking they're HYDRA operatives, and will likely not remember their CR prior to the event. They might not even remember who they really are.

All characters who start the event as HYDRA agents will be unflinchingly loyal to the cause without questtion. They will know exactly who their fellow operatives are, where they need to go and what they need to do. For some reason, contact with their superior officiers has been cut off, but it does not matter. They know what their mission is, and they will do anything they can to accomplish it. HYDRA is aiming to take over Wonderland, effectively starting a civil war between the HYDRA agents and those unaffected by the event. The way they see it, the only way to solve all of the problems of Wonderland is complete control – no one will go around murdering innocent people anymore, no villains from other worlds will ruin things in Wonderland, and no one will have any free will. But isn't that a small price to pay for the calm and safety it will bring?

The first day they will start out subtle, hiding among the others in Wonderland, only going after a few people here or there and slowly building their ranks. By the second day though, a symbol will begin to appear around Wonderland in various places, and the operatives will become much more aggressive about recruiting, and the aim is to recruit everyone.

Those in Wonderland will be given two options when confronted by a HYDRA operative – death or compliance. Death is straightforward enough, though given the nature of Wonderland it certainly isn't a permanent solution. Compliance, however, can come a number of different ways. A character might join HYDRA of their own free will, either because they agree with the message or so they can act as a double agent (but they must be very, very careful not to get caught). They could also be forced to join under threat – HYDRA might threaten the characters or their loved ones, and force them to compromise their ideals to serve the greater cause. Scientists might be forced to start developing weapons, and characters who otherwise wouldn't hurt anyone may be forced to pick up a gun and fight.

The third possibility for compliance is much darker, and involves the current HYDRA agents capturing and brainwashing them. There will be rooms hidden across the mansion specifically for this purpose, and these characters will be forced into a chair and a device will be strapped to their head that will suppress all of their memories and free will, and won't even remember their own names. Alternatively, a character can be brainwashed to “remember” that they worked for HYDRA in their own world.

All of the characters who are not part of HYDRA will have to work to keep themselves and others safe. It is only an AU for the HYDRA agents, but as the event goes on, everyone's programming will begin to break – even for the characters who started the event believing they were members of HYDRA. Their memories were only suppressed, not destroyed, so it may be possible for people who had close emotional ties to the agents to help jog their memories. By the last day everyone will be able to shake their programming completely, but they will have to live with the consequences of the things they did while they were brainwashed.

Character: Bucky Barnes
World: MCU
+ all the characters from the world ‘MCU’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Helicarrier' is missing from their memories.

[ September 17th - 20th ] Looks worse than I remember: reckon it serves the lot of you right.
Translation?: Another curse cloud has come to Wonderland! The sky darkens, and slowly a thick roll of greyish-purple clouds approaches the mansion. It soon looms over all of Wonderland, and seems to glint ominously in the light. Nothing else happens on the first day.

At least not until the clock strikes 6:20 in the afternoon.

Then the curse kicks off, and shards of broken glass begin to fall from the sky. Trees, ceilings, underground bunkers, fashionable umbrellas; no form of covering or protection is enough to keep the magical downpour out. Soon the cursed shards will target each and every character's eyes, covering them in a layer of cracked glass to signify the spell taking hold.

The experience is surprisingly painless, and the cracked glass will quickly disappear from view, but the real trouble has just begun.

What the Spell of Shattered Sight does is make a person see the worst in the people they care about. Old grudges that have been laid to rest come back to the fore, minor actions that might have been deemed insignificant when they happened are suddenly the greatest betrayal. The important thing is that the spell doesn't create these feelings: It uses, amplifies and twists what is already there. It works with the things people would never say or do, but can't help thinking, if only for a moment.

The effects start small on the first day. Old slights creep to the front of people's minds, forgotten anger wells up again. Arguments thought long settled are heated back up, and tension in the mansion runs high. Over the next few days the effects only grow stronger: Grudges turn to vendettas, discontent to rage, and verbal arguments turn physical. By the time the spell finds its end after the fourth day, everybody in Wonderland will have destroyed each other.

Character: Regina Mills
World: Once Upon a Time
+ all the characters from the world ‘Once Upon a Time’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Arendelle' is missing from their memories.

[ October 9th - 12th ] The feeling is a bit sadder the second time around, don't you think so? : No matter how hard you try, it will never quite be what it was before.
Translation?: When the event begins, everyone will suddenly be outside. The Mansion is nowhere in sight and truthfully...there isn't much of anything around, aside from miles and miles of tree stumps. The sky is dark and grey, and the air is thick and difficult to breathe. The grass is all dead and there are no animals anywhere in sight. There's a river nearby but the water is dark and murky, and definitely not safe to drink (it WILL make you sick). If one follows it (or if they're unlucky enough to fall in) it will loop around to exactly where they started.

Some people, whether it's because they were here for an earlier event or because they've learned about it through other means, might recognize this place as the Truffula Valley. However, this time you don't get nice tents to sleep in. You don't have trees for resources. You don't get to keep your magical powers. You don't get anything. There is nothing so you'd better start looking for food and clean water if you want to survive for four days.

In the far-off distance, there's a wall with the word ELLIVDEENHT brightly lit at the top, but when they finally get there they will find that it's several feet thick and the only door is sealed shut, so no one can get in or out. They will pass a lot of old billboards on the way there with horrifying caricatures of the Once-ler on them though, and the remains of one of the Once-ler's other inventions - the Triple-Ax-Hacker, which is essentially a machine you drive around to chop down rows of trees at a time.

At the top of one of the hills, impossible to miss, is a huge abandoned factory. The door is wide open, but it's been a very long time since anyone actually worked there. The weaving machines are dusty and there are cobwebs everywhere. If you're lucky, you might find a stray Thneed or two but the real prize for venturing inside is food. There are three things stockpiled in the old workroom - beef jerky, large containers of water, and cans of assorted fruit in sweet syrup. There isn't much variety, but there's enough there to last everyone the length of the event (or enough to last one person another year or two without venturing back to town). Outside, nearby, the is an interesting aarrangement of rocks - the Unless.

Finally, if your character has any major regrets in their life, those feelings will be amplified by this event. It will grow worse and worse and worse the longer the event goes on, until they start to irrationally feel like maybe they deserve to be out here eating canned peaches and wallowing in misery. It will seem like Wonderland is punishing them specifically for whatever it is they did, but they will start to lose the will to argue it, much to the concern (and maybe annoyance) of everyone who cares about them.

Character: The Once-ler
World: The Lorax (2012)
+ all the characters from the world ‘The Lorax’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Humming-Fish' is missing from their memories.

[ November 21st - 23rd ] I'll never know what might have been if I'd done what I was meant to be doing.: What ifs never really did me much good.
Translation?: Most characters are defined by the choices they make. Sometimes it's one pivotal moment in their life, clearly defined; sometimes it's a train of small decisions that set them in motion down a particular path. For the majority of people in Wonderland, with its plethora of protagonists and heroes, that choice could have affected their life, the lives of the people around them, or even their whole world in major ways. It's not restricted to the good guys, either. Would a villain still be a villain without a particular pivotal moment in their life, or would a mistake or a loss be wiped out as an obstacle in their path?

This event is a what-if event. What if they had made a different choice? What if they had made the opposite choice? Walked away from a fight instead of did what needed to be done. Gave into temptation instead of resisted. Kept quiet instead of speaking up. Turned left instead of right. What future might have existed for them down that path not chosen? How does it change the person they are, what life they now lead? Are they better for it, or much much worse?

This is an AU event; for the duration, characters will believe that their lives were different based on a different choice (or series of choices) made in the past. This is limited to canon choices made in the character's source material.

Character: Simon Lauchlan
World: Zombies, Run!
+ all the characters from the world ‘Zombies, Run!’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Dedlocks' is missing from their memories.