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+ bulletin board archive part three +

+ bulletin board archive part three +

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♥ 2010 ♥

[ January 17th-19th ] I wonder how you win?: Does anyone win?
Translation?: See this post for more details.

Character: Azure Kite
World: .hack//
+ All the characters from the world '.hack//', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'avatar' is missing from their memories.

[ January 31st-February 2nd ] Where will it go?: And who will we be when it's....when it's done...
Translation?: Upon waking, all characters in the mansion will realize that something is physically different about them. It seems they've acquired a new set, if you will. Everyone who was a man the day before is now a woman, and all of the women are now men. This is not your typical sex-swapping event though. There is an element of gender-swap as well.

In the context of Hetalia, Hungary believed that she was a man, and that men's parts grew in when they grew older. Consequently, everyone in the mansion will hold such a belief during this event. They were never physically women (or men, in the case of the boys) before - they were just waiting for their respective parts to grow in.

Character: Hungary
World: Axis Powers Hetalia
+ All the characters from the world 'Axis Powers Hetalia', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'a promise between men' is missing from their memories.

[ February 13th-15th ] If you can't say anything at all: Don't say something nice!
Translation?: Beginning on Saturday, letters of various kinds will find their way to everyone in the mansion. They will be crammed under doors, flown in through character’s windows via paper airplane, dropped on their head by carrier pigeons and owls, messages in bottles bobbing up and down in any body of water, hand-delivered, or in any other way you can think of. When opened though, it will be discovered that all of this mail is hate mail. Whoever is writing to you has nothing good to say whatsoever. It could be from a mortal enemy, a stranger, or even the dreaded anonymous. It could be someone writing all of the darkest truths about the worst things you’ve done, or it could be someone else completely making up things just to harass you. It doesn’t matter. By the end of the day, characters will likely have more mail than they’ve ever received in their lives, ever.

On Sunday though, the mansion will suddenly remember that it’s Valentine’s Day, and for 24 hours, the mansion will be decorated in mass amounts of red, pink, and white streamers, and hearts of various sizes. Food in the dining room might be suspiciously shaped like hearts or tinted pink (but you’re free to make your own in the kitchen, if you’d rather). Roses will be mysteriously blooming in the snow. The letters are still pouring in, even moreso than before, and will have little hearts stuck to them in the spirit of the holiday. So perhaps they’re valentines, today? Pfft, no. If anything, the letters are even angrier than they were yesterday.

By Monday, all hints of Valentine’s Day will be gone from the mansion, but the letters will still remain. However, if people haven’t completely given up opening their letters, they will find that among all of the hatemail, there will be one single letter from someone they care about very much, someone who isn’t currently in the mansion (though if you wish it, it does not have to be someone from their world). After the end of the event, the ocean of hate mail they’ve accumulated will vanish, but the one good letter they received will be left behind.

Character: Ash
World: Phantom Brave
+ All the characters from the world 'Phantom Brave', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'The Brave' is missing from their memories.

[ February 28th-March 2nd ] March's march is coming: Marching one by one, or two.
Translation?: When most of the characters awake, they will be greeted with a pounding headache, ringing ears, and fuzzy recollections of the night before. They’ll be fairly sure they weren’t out in a tent in the desert in the middle of no where though. It won’t be long though, before they are handed a uniform. Welcome to the French Foreign Legion!

For those who aren't so familiar, the residents of the mansion are now in what appears to be Africa, right smack in the middle of an endless desert. Hey, wasn’t there a nice ocean when you first got here? Gardens? A forest? Nope. Just sand, everywhere, except for the tent city that makes up the area where the mansion used to be. It’s really hot during the day, and really cold at night. The tent that was once the dining hall is serving only beans and sardines, out of cans. The vendors have remained, though they seem to be running something of a black market. Bullets will be going off in the middle of the night, and your character will quickly learn that a cry of "aux armes!" is meant to warn them to their feet.

Now, what about the characters that don’t fall into “most”? Why, who do you think is passing out these uniforms and calling "aux armes"? Any character with a military background (or magical army background, or what have you, you strange fandoms), if the mun so chooses, can be an established French Foreign Legion member. Ranks will roughly correspond to whatever rank the character had back home. No magic though, their weapons are sabers and WWI-era rifles. Their jobs will vary from passing out uniforms, to instruct new recruits, to prevent anyone from escaping. Oh, did we forget that part? If your character decides they don’t like the Legion and try to take off into the desert, not only are they not going to get far at all, but they’ll be perused by members of the Legion. Disobedience of any kind is harsh and brutal, but at least you’re not in with the third group of characters. That would be with the prisoners of war, which is where any character who’s fought against the French Foreign Legion will be held. This might also apply to some other military characters (like if you feel it would be really out of character for them to be in another army instead of their own). Both of these (established Legion members and POWs) are optional though – you’re just as welcome to make our character a brand new recruit.

So, to recap: your character is either a) a brand new recruit b) an established Legion member or c) a POW for a few days, and no one has magic powers. Ready? Aux armes!

Character: Hubb McCann
World: Secondhand Lions
+ All the characters from the world ‘Secondhand Lions’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘kepi’ is missing from their memories.

[ March 6th-8th ] Who are you all?: Are you who you've been saying you've been being?
Translation?: For the duration of this event, everyone in the mansion will become someone they hate passionately. However, they will not be transformed into them physically; they will only believe that they are, and have always been, this person. It can be anyone they hate, even someone who isn't there anymore, or even a mirror character, if there's no one else. However, things will not match up, and your friends and castmates will all be acting strangely like people they've always hated! But not you, you've always been like this! Really! For example, if it were able to happen to NPCs, the Queen might become Alice, and the Dormouse might become the Cheshire Cat (CAAAAAAAAT >C). The Queen would be a lot nicer and not think anything of her behavior, but she would be wondering why on earth the Dormouse is purring and hissing when he's a mouse. Dormouse would think his new fondness for catnip is totally normal and has always been there, but would be surprised the Queen isn't plotting doom or whatever it is she does. It's possible for there to be suddenly multiple people claiming to be a person (if a lot of people hate them). Powers do NOT transfer over, since this isn't a body swap.

And if you're a nice, good, wholesome person who doesn't particularly hate anyone? You'll be completely unaffected by this event. And likely very confused by your friends not being who they say they are.

Character: Haru
World: Fire Candy
+ All the characters from the world 'Fire Candy', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'mute' is missing from their memories.

[ March 14th-16th ] Up above the world you fly: Like a tea-tray in the sky...
Translation?: Very, very early in the morning on Sunday, there will be a white flash across the night sky. It’s followed by a loud crash, over just past the mansion. Those who venture over to look will find the flying whatever-it-was over in the chessboard hills. Oddly enough, the hills will have completely flattened into a field, as though the landscape itself was bracing for impact. The meteor-like object is actually a spaceship, and when it opens, there will be aliens.

Oh yes, there will be aliens everywhere, enough for each person in the mansion to have an alien of their very own. Each alien (all of them being of the standard grey variety) will take to one of the inhabitants of Wonderland and follow them around silently for the next few days. This might seem pretty awesome at first, because aliens are pretty awesome, but they will quickly become a pain. These are very mischievous aliens. While they’re not violent exactly, they will absolutely delight on doing things that piss their new companion off, like watching scary movies when they know it will freak you out, eating your food, stealing your stuff, leaving the toilet seat up, just generally getting in the way, etc, etc. By the end of the event, your alien friend won’t seem so cool anymore that damn freeloader hogging all the blankets AUGH.

Tuesday evening though, all of the aliens will head back outside, where their ship will be sitting on the chessboard field. The field will have repaired the large crater the crash-landing caused, and once every last alien has crammed itself into the tiny ship, it will take off in a flash of light, because even Wonderland doesn’t want these guys. Anyone who has followed the aliens outside will be able to watch the chessboard field rise and form hills once more.

Character: America
World: Axis Powers Hetalia
+ All the characters from the world ‘Axis Powers Hetalia’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'unidentified flying object' is missing from their memories.

[ March 29th-31st ] I suppose we could use a little excitement around here!: It's such a strange game though...
Translation?: You’ve all gotten a little complacent from not having an event for two weeks, haven’t you? You’ve settled into this safe place where bad things don’t happen. Silly, silly, silly. For that, you’re all getting monsters.

In each trip a character makes from their room, they will have one random encounter with a monster (or monsters) that will attack them. If your character is from a video game, they will be forced to abide by the mechanics of their game. For example, if we had a pokemon character and they encountered a monster, a menu might appear in front of them where they would have to manually select whether they would fight, use an item, choose another pokemon, or run away. They would find themselves physically unable to act without selecting one. A Kingdom Hearts character would have a bar floating near them with their face on it that shows their character’s health (HP and MP). The monsters will all have HP bars, so you know how much damage you’ve done, or have left to do.

Characters that aren’t from video games will still have HP (and MP if it applies) bars floating near them, and they still may have menus to go through, but the muns are free to make up what’s actually in those menus. If there’s an item select option, they will only be able to use whatever they’ve got on or near them (but they might pick up general items along the way, like potions). Feel free to apply other video game “rules” to the characters as well (maybe your character will only be able to travel in parties of a certain number, or find themselves absolutely having to take the longest route to where they’re going so that they have to fight the monster, things like that).

Finally, deaths in this event are not counted towards the death toll. Have fun! ♥

Character: Belkar Bitterleaf
World: Order of the Stick
+ All the characters from the world ‘Order of the Stick’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'level' is missing from their memories.

[ April 11th-13th ] a terrible dream or something sickeningly...sweet?: I don't know. It's not my kind of show...
Translation?: This weekend will have all the residents of the mansion being somewhat more…dramatic, than usual. Why? Because this weekend, everyone will be behaving as though they’re living in a Korean Drama. Korean Dramas, for those who don’t know, are “short Soap Operas that are either about contrived, tragic love, or pure (romantic) comedy. Sometimes combining both,” according to TV Tropes. It will all seem normal to the characters though, as though nothing strange is going on.

There might be dramatic love confessions in the rain, or even characters dying to save a loved one. Characters might turn against their lover to further their goals, and particularly epic scenes will be accompanied by dramatic background music. The weekend is sure to be full of misunderstandings and complications due to people being at the wrong place at the wrong time and seeing things they shouldn’t. Surely there will be some awkward declarations of love, and love triangles everywhere, and maybe even some crossdressing. Maybe your character has conveniently developed amnesia, or some kind of terrible life-threatening illness, or maybe they’ve even gone blind. The more melodramatic, the better!

Character: Korea
World: Axis Powers Hetalia
+ All the characters from the world ‘Axis Powers Hetalia’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'drama' is missing from their memories.

[ April 24th-26th ] I mean, I'm sure they must exist somewhere, hiding in the tress: Even impossible things aren't really impossible, you know.
Translation?: Once again, the mansion has been transformed. On the 24th, it will become a large tree, and the walls will be made of thick limbs and branches. The ground will be made of wooden pillars that support the rest of the mansion, and flowers will decorate the halls and rooms, glowing with color at night. Along the halls will be statues of fairies, who all seem to have a striking resemblance to the Queen of Hearts… The grounds will be entirely made of trees and endless fields of flowers. Here's a picture for your reference.

The grounds are not the only things that have been transformed though. Every resident of the mansion will have a set of colorful wings. They will come in various different shapes and sizes, but they will all be insect wings of some kind. Everyone will be able to use their wings for flight, no matter what size their wings are, and even if their wings seem awkward (though some may require more effort than others to get off the ground). This is not an AU event – everyone is retaining their own memories. Well, except the one those from Odin Sphere are losing.

Character: Oswald
World: Odin Sphere
+ All the characters from the world ‘Odin Sphere’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Vanir' is missing from their memories.

[ May 9th-11th ] What will you children do next?: Why don't you just go back and fix your troubles before they start?
Translation?: This will be an aging event. Characters will suddenly find themselves ten years older or younger. This can be physically, mentally, or both, i.e., if your character is 20 years old right now, they may become 10 physically but still have the mind and memories of their 20-year-old self, or they may revert to the mentality of their 10-year-old self and lose all the memories they have of being older. If you age your character up and there is no canon for them ten years in the future, they may just look and/or act older, but not have new memories.

For characters over 200 years old: you may choose to age your character by a century, as ten years isn't that long for them.

Character: Gokudera Hayato
World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
+ All the characters from the world ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Vongola' is missing from their memories.

[ May 30th–June 1st ] Such a dark dream though, even with shut eyes: The sun is scared.
Translation?: For the duration of the event, no one will be able to leave the mansion itself. A clear veil has been cast over the mansion, keeping everyone securely inside. Anyone who happens to be on the grounds when the event begins will find themselves mysteriously indoors. This barrier veil is unbreakable, no matter what. No one will be able to exit the mansion during the event.

You might be thinking “Well, what’s so bad about that? We’re trapped here forever anyway – what’s so bad about just remaining indoors?”. Well, hang on. It gets a little worse.

It may be fine at first – during the day. There’s something about the approach of darkness though, the impending night, that is discomforting. As night draws closer, fear will start to set in, and the characters will become more and more desperate to leave, by any means neccesary. There will be an overwhelming sense of paranoia, and a need to escape. Suddenly, the mundane notion of being trapped in the mansion overnight will be horrifying, terrifying, and even rage-inducing.

To make matters worse, throughout the night, there will be the loud, unintelligble screams of a young child. This child will be no where to be found, but their shrieks of pain and anguish will haunt your characters all night long. And just when your character is about to hit the breaking point…the dawn rises. Lather, rinse, repeat for two more days. The day is much milder and calm, but being trapped in the night is something to be feared, for whatever reason.

Character: Seeu
World: Planet Ladder
+ All the characters from the world ‘Planet Ladder’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'bacteria' is missing from their memories.

[ June 14th–16th ] Delicious home-cooked meals and hugs and warm happy feelings: ...Perhaps I'd get sick of it though.
Translation?: During this event, everyone in the mansion will be connected by a family bond. People you know will be akin to close family members – brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and even aunts or uncles. People you’ve never met will be familiar, but hard to place, like a distant relative you only met at a wedding that one time, or at your cousin’s graduation. Either way, everyone in the mansion will be considered one big happy family.

The dining room and the kitchen will no longer produce cooked meals, but there will still be infinite ingredients around so people can make some delicious home-cooked meals. Everything will be warm and happy and wonderful, just like a family should be. They’ll have forgotten all about their real families back home.

But, after a day or so of the warm fuzzies, things will start to fall apart. The negative aspects of family life that are usually kept private will start creeping in – the annoying cousin who won’t leave, screaming matches between sets of parents in front of the children, siblings that just can’t get along, and even just completely toxic people that just make a family fall apart. By the end of this event, everyone will probably be so sick of each other.

Character: Seimei Aoyagi
World: Loveless
+ All the characters from the world 'Loveless’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'blank' is missing from their memories.

[ July 5th–7th ] Dreams don't lie: Just tell the truth ano'er way...
Translation?: During this event, no one will be able to lie. You will be able to refrain from speaking if you must, but all attempts to actually lie, no matter how small or how innocent the lie is, will result in the truth being blurted out – the full truth as the character knows it.

People will also not be able to lie with their body language. If you are sad, you will not be able to smile. If you’re trying not to laugh because you think it would be rude, you will burst out into laughter. Everyone’s bodies will betray their emotions.

Truths are what the character really thinks to be true, so if the character is under any kind of false assumption, or has been lied to, they won’t magically know the truth – they will tell their facts as they know them.

Character: Yujinn
World: Vampire Game
+ All the characters from the world 'Vampire Game’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Sidia' is missing from their memories.

[ July 11th–13th ] If your heart's not in it: How long's it been since you seen their old drum and bass?
Translation?: Got friends? Not anymore. In this event, characters will have an exceptionally hard time making friends, whether through their own social awkwardness, bad timing, or just plain incompatibility. On top of this, they'll be hard-pressed to maintain contact with their current friends as well. They had plans to go exploring? Too bad one of them got lost before they could meet up. Just wanted to talk? Maybe they just keep missing each other.

As the event progresses, the seemingly coincidental circumstances preventing people from seeing their friends will get more and more bizarre. Had enough and just went straight to their room to say hi? Their doorknob fell off and the door won't open. Or they're now quarantined with Bird Flu. Or the hallways keep turning back on themselves until you've felt you've been going in circles for hours.

Communicators will work as normal, though characters may have a harder time reaching them when friends attempt contact. And the closer two characters are, the harder it will be for them to connect.

Character: Pakistan
World: Afghanis-tan
+ All the characters from the world 'Afghanis-tan’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Tayariban/Taliban' is missing from their memories.

[ August 12th-14th ] What a dreadful, awful place: Everything's sort of fallen apart, and fallen up and down and even sideways too.
Translation?: On the morning of the 12th, everyone will find the mansion’s become a bombed-out ruin, looking like just a shell of the majestic manor it was before. It looks as though a good gust of wind will blow it over and knock it to the ground. All of the floors will still be in tact, but barely. It will never actually fall down, but it will come close enough to freak out those who aren’t fond of heights. The mansion will not repair itself until after the event, and most of the closets will not be producing anything. If any do, they will be on the first floor, where things are slightly more stable, and they will be rather fickle and only barely do what they are supposed to.

On the first (and ultimately most stable floor), two previously unoccupied rooms will be taken. One will be a room full of crates marked “Waffen SS”. These crates will be full of bank notes, gold, watches, jewelery, and even gold teeth. The other will house another crate marked “No. Anfang – The SHI”, which contains the skeleton of a woman with a nameplate rivetted to her forehead reading “Mina Harker”. In that room there will also be notes scattered around about the creation of vampires and ghouls.

Wait, ghouls? Yes, about that. There will be ghouls in the mansion. These ghouls will resemble the friends and family the mansion residents have left behind (whether they have actually died or not). The ghouls are not nice; they will try to attack you and they will try to eat you. They can only be killed by silver, holy, or magic weapons, but regular weapons will still hurt them. If you do manage to get eaten, congratulations! You are now a ghoul! That means you get to go attack other people and try to eat them! Also, vampires have a free pass this time around – ghouls will most likely not attack any vampires.

Also, there will be a Nazi Zepplin flying around outside.

Character: The Major
World: Hellsing
+ All the characters from the world 'Hellsing’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Midian' is missing from their memories.

[ August 22nd–24th ] You children have too much energy: It’s best to get it all out of your systems, while you can.
Translation?: “Extreme” is the word of the day. Everyone will find themselves under the compulsion to act rather impulsively. Anything that crosses the character's mind, they will do to their utmost, no matter what it is. This will get worse as the event goes on. At first, people will be able to resist the compulsion--by the end, they will not.

Character: Sasagawa Ryohei!
World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
+ All the characters from the world ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'dying will' is missing from their memories.

[ August 28th-30th ] Four times deeper in your heart: But then...there's no where left to part.
Translation?: For the duration of the event, the mansion will be filled with black dots. These dots are known as AIDA, and they will infect anyone they come in contact with. AIDA is highly contagious, and can also spread through human contact with someone who is already infected.

What is AIDA exactly? It is a virus that infects people’s hearts. When AIDA infects someone, it uses their insecurities, regrets, or other negative emotions and memories to control their mind and cause them to attack and infect others. The more powerful their emotions are, the deeper the infection becomes. AIDA can be extracted by someone who has the ability to Data Drain, but this has a high risk of killing the infected. It’s also possible to resist AIDA by overcoming your negative emotions. However, the longer the virus has to ingrain itself in you, the harder it will be to force it back out. Characters with the ability to see supernatural things (as well as .hack characters who can normally see AIDA) will be able to see the AIDA’s true form hovering over the infected.

AIDA causes an incredible boost of physical strength in the infected as well. It’s also not unusual for users infected for longer periods to grow extra black limbs, claws, tentacles, etc. This helps with the whole “spreading of the infection” thing—just touching an infected person is risky, and when AIDA is manipulating them to lash out at the people around them, you’re pretty screwed if you get too close. Anyone killed by an AIDA-infected character or killed while infected will be knocked into a coma until the end of the event (regardless of how many deaths they’ve had before) and it will be treated as a mansion death.

Character: Azure Kite
World: .hack//
+ All the characters from the world '.hack//’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'AI' is missing from their memories.

[ September 5th–7th ] I think I’ll take a nap: It’s all mock-things are good for anyways.
Translation?: The mansion becomes a hospital with every resident getting their own hospital bed. The closets only dispense hospital gowns, pajamas and robes. There is no longer kitchen access; all meals must be collected from the dining room on trays and consist of your average hospital foods. At all hours, residents will find it impossible to sleep. When they try to, strange noises will keep them up without exception, the most prominent being the imagined sounds of random explosions though there is no physical evidence of them.

Character: Hibari Kyouya
World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
+ All the characters from the world ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'hospital' is missing from their memories.

Translation?: When you close your eyes to dream at night, your subconscious speaks. From hidden desires to promises to memories to a nonsensical jumble of everyday occurrences, the images that cross your mind while you sleep are yours and yours alone.

At least they were.

For the duration of this event, everyone will be asleep (for the whole thing; no waking up). And everyone’s dreams will be broadcasted on the networks as they have them. It can be a nightmare, a simple dream, dirty or trippy. No matter what, it all goes up for everyone to see. But that’s not all.

Residents might find that these dreams are a little more real than they ought to be. The mansion will be magnifying the power of your thoughts, warping itself to make these dreams reality. If you dislike your own dream, feel free to step into someone else’s dream; however, we won’t be held responsible for what happens.

Keep in mind: when you dream at night, how often are you aware that you’re even dreaming in the first place? While you may eventually come to this conclusion, it’ll take a while.

Finally, on the last two days, you might start to notice something a little odd about your dreams. They’ll become darker, more ominous. You may even have a rather unnatural visitor. One that manipulates your dreams to get to those delicious memories hidden beneath.

Character: All
World: All
+ All the characters from every world, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. However, after that point, they will no longer feel the forgetfulness or tiredness of the previous week.

[October 2nd–4th ] I'm not sure why I'm asking you lot though: I can't believe some of you are standing up at all!
Translation?:When all the characters wake up, the mansion will be a wreck inside. There are empty bottles everywhere, broken furniture, and all kinds of strange things that look completely out of place. It’s the kind of despairing mess that would take days to clean up, and the mansion isn’t going to bother helping you hopeless drunks for a few days.

Yes, you heard me. All of you who are prone to hangovers will wake up with the worst one you have ever had, and no one, no matter how hard they try will be able to remember the night before. There might be remainders of some really poor decision making, like poorly thought out tattoos or shaved heads, and some of their friends might turn out to have been awful people who like drawing things on them in sharpie while they’re passed out. Even if your character would not or cannot drink, they will still be unable to remember the massive party that occurred the night before. Any number of things could have happened! Be creative! Maybe someone is missing a tooth, or woke up in bed with someone horrifying.

But it’s okay. The mansion will throw them a bone. You see, when they check the network, they will find a massive amount of posts – all video posts of people acting like complete, drunken morons. Maybe they’ll think twice about suggesting the mansion throw a party now.

Hangover symptoms and the mess from the party will stick around for all three days (and the mansion isn’t repairing any of it), but once the event is done, all of the evidence will be gone, including all ill-advised tattoos, sharpie marks, etc.

Character: Jean
World: Lunar II: Eternal Blue
+ All the characters from the world ‘Lunar II: Eternal Blue’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'party' is missing from their memories.

[ November 6th–8th ] Falling and drowning...: And dreams where you die...
Translation?: For the duration of this event, every character’s greatest fear will come to life and present itself somewhere in the mansion. A person afraid of spiders might find one floor infested with them, or a spider as big as a house roaming around outside OR INSIDE, MWAHAHA. Someone afraid of clowns might find one giving out free balloons somewhere. They might see ghosts, or come across a tiger in the hall. Whatever your character fears most will be present in the mansion somewhere

More abstract fears are more than welcome! Someone afraid of failure would find themselves failing at everything, and if someone is afraid of heights the upper floors might collapse out from under them. If you’re afraid of dying, you should probably watch out for falling chandelliers and random arrows from nowhere, and things like that. If someone fears rejection, they might only hear “no”s to requests, even when the person they ask says “yes”.

The important thing though, is that everyone will be able to interact with everyone else’s fears (unless it is something personal in an introspective way). If someone is scared of bears, well, that bear that’s on the grounds now is perfectly capable of mauling any of the characters, whether it’s their greatest fear or not. These are all just examples though – there will be a plotting post for this event.

Two restrictions – 1) No specific people from home, and 2) clear everything involving another person’s character with those characters’ muns (for example, if someone’s fear was “death of loved ones”, you would need to clear it with those loved ones’ muns). Aside from that, be creative and have fun!

Character: Haruhi Fujioka
World: Ouran High School Host Club
+ All the characters from the world ‘Ouran High School Host Club’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'broken vase' is missing from their memories.

[ November 21st–23rd ] I really want to know what's out there: What's beyond that door...
Translation?: When the event begins, a GIGANTIC, magnificent door will appear in the front hall. It has no visible handles or hinges, and as such, it cannot be opened. It cannot be damaged either, or broken down. At first, the door won’t mean much to any of the characters really, aside from the general intrigue that the sudden appearance of a giant door would cause.

As the event continues though, certain characters will feel a pull towards the door. Characters who are either dissatisfied with their lives, have magical abilities, or are curious about magic will all suddenly find themselves awfully curious about the door. It will begin as just a small nagging wonder, but as the event goes on, the curiosity becomes more and more unbearable. They just have to know what's on the other side. They will become obsessed, refusing to leave the door except for very short periods of time. They will feel the need to sleep beside it, to eat beside it, to spend their whole day next to it. Some characters may feel the need to destroy the door, in order to get to the other side. Others may feel the need to protect it because of a kinship they feel with it. Others still might not care, as long as they get to stay close to it. Fights will break out over the door.

Meanwhile, non-affected characters will be wondering why everyone else has gone insane. They might be spending a lot of time trying to get their friends to come to their senses and get away from the door.

If characters can pull themselves away from the door for long enough, they may find something very interesting at the vendors. There will be one masked vendor who will be offering passage through the door, with a warning that whatever is on the other side is lethal. An affected character, whether he accepts or not, will be unwilling to tell other characters about the vendor. If a character accepts the vendor's deal, then he will be able to pass through the door as though it isn't there. On the other side he will find a white, door-shaped portal, about as big as big as a regular door. This is his last chance to turn back; walking through the portal will have lasting effects.

If they do walk through the portal It will count as one Mansion Death However, characters will not wake up until the event is over, regardless of when they went through the portal. They will also have a vivid memory when they awake that, for a few days, they were able to leave Wonderland. They will think they had gone to whatever they consider a perfect world to be. This is a false memory, however; it never happened. But a character who walks through the portal will be absolutely sure that it did.

Character: Elaine Belloc
World: Lucifer
+ All the characters from the world ‘Lucifer’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Heaven' is missing from their memories.

[ December 4th–6th ] They're only here to help: But my dreams are real.
Translation?: For the duration of the event, the mansion will become an asylum, divided into three sections – men, women, and a unit for those of you who are really far gone and in need of straight jackets. The common areas themselves will be co-ed, such as the dining room and the tea and music rooms. Characters themselves will fall into two categories.

Patients: These characters will remember everything about being in Wonderland, including events. They will also know they were taken from their original homes, and that they (probably) aren’t crazy and don’t really deserve to be in an asylum. Of course, none of the doctors will believe you. Even if you remember them from home, or from Wonderland, they will insist that these things did not happen and that you’re just sick and in need of help. Even fantastic events from their real lives might be perceived as lies. Demons killed your wife? Don’t you mean those robbers that broke into your house killed her?

Doctors: These characters will not remember Wonderland. They are serving as doctors and therapists for the patients of the asylum, and will believe they’ve always been doctors. Those patients sure sound crazy, don’t they? What with their delusions of Wonderland and evil queens. Some of them even think they’re countries, or that they have magic powers! These characters will not be aware there is an event going on – instead they will be focused on treating the patients, whether it is through group therapy or medication, or one-on-one sessions or whatever they deem as neccesary.

If the patients are cooperative, they should not have too much trouble, really. After all, the doctors are just here to help you. However, if you resist too much, you might find yourself in a sort of solitary confinement in a straight jacket. You know, for your own safety and the safety of others. However, this doesn’t mean you can godmod – make sure it’s okay with the other player first!

No one has magical powers during this event, but the patients that had powers before will remember that they had them. Doctor slots are NOT limited to just scientist or doctor characters. They’re not even limited to just sane people, if you really want to mess with the order of things.

This AU will continue through the entire event, and once Tuesday rolls around, the mansion will go back to normal and everyone’s powers and correct memories will be restored.

Character: Hubb McCann
World: Secondhand Lions
+ All the characters from the world ‘Secondhand Lions’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘legion' is missing from their memories.