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Some Wonderlands are kind...
...while others break OUT THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!

+ September 1st - September 10th +


INTRO POST with IC invitations and first details!
EVENT RULES aka. the most important post of them all.
FAQ POST for all your inquiry needs around the event.
CLUE POST to advance and coordinate puzzles and riddles.

for players to share their [community profile] entranceway stories, or simply drop by to wave hello.


GENERAL MINGLE LOG Anyone, anywhere, anytime.
HOUSE PARTY starting Thursday, Sept. 1st
THRONE ROOM PARTY starting Saturday, Sept. 3rd
BEACH PARTY starting Monday, Sept. 5th
FOREST PARTY starting Wednesday, Sept. 7th
HODGEPODGE PARTY A fusion of all four parties, for Sept. 9th and 10th

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+ frequently asked questions +

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+ forgotten words +

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+ application +

Read the rules, like the idea, want to join?

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+ bulletin board archive part 8 +

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+ bulletin board archive part six +

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+ bulletin board archive part five +

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