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+ bulletin board archive part two +

+ bulletin board archive part two +

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♥ 2009 ♥

[ January 10th ] Don‘t wake me up: I am still dreaming.
Translation: This event will begin seemly normally, like an average day in the Mansion. As the day goes on, however, characters will find themselves bursting into song and dance during their daily routines. Every character is suddenly coordinated enough to dance, everyone can hit those difficult notes, like magic. You can make up songs, pick them from artists you know, or even use bits and pieces of songs to make a medley. Characters may find themselves doing duets and entire chorus numbers at times! The mansion may also join in during the song, and change and distort its appearance according to a character's song, at times, like in this example from the movie. The catch is, the song needs to be about whatever they are doing, thinking, or feeling at the time. Songs can be from any world, whether the characters would normally know them or not. Think of it as the mansion putting songs in their heads. ♥

Character: Maxwell "Max" Carrigan
World: Across the Universe
+ All the characters from the world 'Across the Universe', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'Vietnam’ is missing from their memories.

[ January 17th-18th ] Open up your mind: It's time for class.
Translation: The mansion is turned into Mad Mod's "school" mansion, and the outside is turned into a weirdo version of London a la Revolution.

Character: Beast Boy
World: Teen Titans
+ All the characters from the world 'Teen Titans', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'tower’ is missing from their memories.

[ January 25th ] Sweeter than a flower's breath: They find their life within their death.
Translation: During the day, objects in the Mansion transform into butterflies-- their size and color depends on the object it originally was. For example, a table might turn into a brown butterfly with a wingspan as wide as the original table, while a butterfly that used to be a book might have the color of the cover on the top half of its wings, and text on the bottom.

Even objects in use can be affected by this (books, clothing, equipment), and the transformation is often subtle rather than instantaneous-- a character might observe an object slowly growing wings, for example. These butterflies will flutter through the Mansion throughout the day, not causing any harm; however, damaging one will revert it back to being an object (you don't want to do this to the butterfly that used to be a grand piano, obviously), and they will also transform back into their original forms after the event.

The catch: at some point during the day, one of your characters important personal possessions (which one of them? Your choice!) will turn into a butterfly... and this one, unlike its lazily flying brothers, will fly away from your character as fast as it can. Good luck finding it in a mansion full of butterflies! Of course, after the event, they can reclaim it, but hopefully that's before someone else picks it up.

Character: Yuuko Ichihara
World: xxxHOLIC
+ All the characters from the world 'xxxHOLIC', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'Hitsuzen’ is missing from their memories.

[ February 1st ] No one likes unpleasant guests: By invitation only.
Translation: It's a tea party, and everyone has to wear their best dress and drink tea, no exceptions. It is impossible to remove the dress, even if you're a boy. Style of dress is up to the player, but kilts and skirts are prohibited, it has to be a dress. Drinking tea is mandatory no matter the consequences, or how much a character dislikes it. Tea cups and pots are indestructible, and trying spill the cup to get rid of it will make it defy gravity and force itself down a character's throat. In addition, the entire first floor of the mansion has been turned into a tea party room, with a table so large you can't see the ends. It's filled with airy little cakes and pastries that never really fill you up. A character that enters the room is immediately assigned a seat, each is unique, no two are the same, and the chair can move around the edge of the table at will. Unoccupied seats will move out of the way, but occupied ones could collide if you're not careful. Characters can control their chairs and move to sit anywhere, or beside anyone, at the table just by thinking about them.

Character: Palette
World: Graffiti Kingdom
+ All the characters from the world 'Graffiti Kingdom', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'graffiti’ is missing from their memories.

[ February 10th ] You're not the you: You think you are.
Translation: Everybody in the mansion is from an AU of themselves. The difference may only be small, such as a slightly altered backstory; maybe one significant event didn't happen, that one person didn't die, or that other person did. Or maybe it's something more fundamental; maybe they never lost their heart, or maybe they were a different gender. Perhaps Eiko was never a Summoner, but was born as Regent Cid and Lady Hilda's child, or perhaps Axel did kill Roxas in Twilight Town. Go wild, but regardless of what the difference is, the character will never notice their own change, they will only notice it in the rest of the characters. Character's memories of their time within the mansion will stay intact and unchanged, the AU applies only to their home world.

Character: Nayru
World: Legend of Zelda, Oracle of Ages
+ All the characters from the world 'Legend of Zelda', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'Triforce’ is missing from their memories.

[ February 26th-28th ] Home is where the heart is: And your hearts are far from home.
Translation:On the first morning, everyone wakes up with a strong urge to get outside and see what's beyond their known borders. Any deep friendships will harbor a new competitive streak; characters will want to run further, run faster, fight harder than their friends. The mansion itself has undergone another change; the walls are white, the corridors longer and starker, roses bloom with thick, vicious thorns, and the stairs wind and twist for an age before they end. Characters will find themselves drawn through all of this outside, to the beach, and visible from the beach, on the horizon, is a clump of green. How are characters supposed to get there? Everything they need to build a raft is scattered around, ropes, and logs, and buoyant barrels and sheets for sails, even oars are washed up on the sands.

Should a character build a raft, and that will be easier with their friends to help, if they don't get too distracted with the desire to race and climb the palm trees, they can venture out to the island, and there, they're in for a surprise. The closer they get, the less real the island appears, until it's a simple child's pastel drawing, made three dimensional and tangible. It's Destiny Islands, complete with a beach, a fort, and a secret cave harboring a door that cannot be opened.

The event will last until the evening of the 28th, and the longer the characters stay on the island, the more real the island will become, and the more certain the character will become that they have always been here. Their lives before Wonderland were nothing but a fantasy, and only their existence here in Wonderland is real. They will hear, from time to time, ghostly and barely there, a girl's voice, reminding them of their promise of protection, and through the mirrors they might catch glimpses of a pale girl in white.

On the last day of the event, there will be a shower of falling stars at nightfall and characters will snap out of this belief, but Destiny Islands will remain a permanent feature of Wonderland.

Character: Riku Replica
World: Kingdom Hearts
+ All the characters from the world 'Kingdom Hearts', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'Fake' is missing from their memories.

[ March 6th ] If you're thirsty: Wouldn't you prefer tea?
Translation: Upon waking, all characters will find themselves suffering a terrible thirst. Their mouths are dry, their throats are parched. When they go to relieve this thirst, however, they will find that all the consumable liquid in the mansion is alcoholic. It isn't water running from the faucets, but vodka, or sake, or white wine, or red. It doesn't matter what a character goes to find to drink, the only thing available in the mansion is alcohol. The fountain outside runs with warm sake, the showers run with vodka, and should anyone be stupid enough to try drinking sea water, it will turn into beer in their mouths. The mansion is devoid of any other beverages, even tea, and as the hours pass, that thirst only grows worse and worse. When characters eventually give in, of course, they will get drunk, and the more they drink, the more social they will become until eventually they latch onto one person to spend the evening drinking with. That person will become their best friend for the night, and they won't wish to be parted until the night is out. Hangovers will occur in the morning as normal.

Character: Yuuko
World: xxxHOLIC
+ All the characters from the world 'xxxHOLIC', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'wish' is missing from their memories.

[ March 14th ] But what could be more important: Than everything you want?
Translation: Everybody in the mansion loses their hearts for a day. This doesn't render them totally emotionless, but any emotion that is not self involved becomes very, very difficult to express. Characters become selfish and spiteful, caring only for what they want, and not for anyone else's wishes. They will hurt others if it suits them, finding it difficult or too bothersome to decide between right and wrong, and everyone is just that little bit more immature, prone to tantrums and sulking when they don't get their way.

Characters will not be aware that their behavior has changed, but they will feel an aching emptiness inside, like something is missing.

Character: Howl
World: Howl's Moving Castle
+ All the characters from the world 'Howl's Moving Castle', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'Ingary' is missing from their memories.

[ March 20th-22nd ] Who is it you fight for: When you fight with all your hearts?
Translation: For three days, everybody is partnered up as either Fighters or Sacrifices. How do they find their partner? They'll be drawn to them, having a strange urge to make sure that the other character is unharmed. Their normal abilities won't work; the only way to fight is with the one person who shares their fighting name, and once they find that person, the basics of how they should fight will come instinctively to them. Even those who normally have no magical abilities will find themselves bestowed with them. Pairs may fight each other, or they may fight off the monsters that will come through the mirrors: Heartless, but unlike normal Heartless, these are made of flesh and blood, their limbs twisted and disjointed. If characters fail to fight them off, or run away, they will kill the characters. This will count as a mansion death.
Detailed information on the spell battle system as well as sign up posts for partners and names will be in the main community journal.

Character: Ritsuka Aoyagi
World: Loveless
+ All the characters from the world 'Loveless', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'Fighter' is missing from their memories.

[ March 29th ] The beast within: Kept under leash
Translation: All residents of the mansion grow more aggressive as the day wears on. Small disagreements explode into violence, minor spats become blood feuds. Even those who have no quarrel with people will find themselves picking fights with others, with the people that matter to them and with complete strangers.

Character: Saix
World: Kingdom Hearts
+ All the characters from the world 'Kingdom Hearts', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the phrase 'Corridor of Darkness' is missing from their memories.

[ April 10th-11th ] Miss anything and everything: But the magic never leaves...
Translation: For the duration of this event, the mansion will be transformed into Hogwarts and its grounds. This is an AU event, meaning that when every character awakes, it will be as though they have always attended or taught at Hogwarts.

Character: James Potter
World: Harry Potter
+ All the characters from the world 'Harry Potter', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'marauder' is missing from their memories.

[ May 2nd ] It's all your fault: When you're the victim.
Translation: For the duration of the event, everyone is to blame. It may be for small things, it may be for big things, but whatever does or has gone wrong is blamed on innocent parties, without proof, and without reason. If something happens to a character, they will blame the first person they see, regardless of whether it was their fault or not. No matter how much evidence there is to prove innocence, it will be ignored.

Character: Azure Kite
World: .hack
+ All the characters from the world '.hack', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'AIDA' is missing from their memories.

[ May 9th-10th ] ...Until they spoil: ...Leaves a bad taste.
Translation: When the event begins, the sky will turn dark and stormy, and the air will be oddly cold for May. The reason, is that the mansion is now plagued with Dementors, creatures that feed on positive emotions. Prolonged exposure to a Dementor can cause depression and insanity, and an attack known as a Dementor's Kiss sucks the character's soul from their body and leave them in a vegetative state (and they will remain that way for the duration of the event). Anyone with loved ones in Wonderland will be overcome with a need to protect those people, even if it means sacrificing themselves in the process, and even if they aren't normally the type to self-sacrifice. If someone offers themself to a Dementor to save someone they care for who is being attacked, they will receive the Dementor’s Kiss in their place. Once the Dementors leave at the end of the second day, those who have been attacked will return to normal with a night's rest. A Dementor's Kiss is not a mansion death.

Character: Lily Evans
World: Harry Potter
+ All the characters from the world 'Harry Potter', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'Dementor' is missing from their memories.

[ May 17th ] Empty places, empty faces: In the hearts of men.
Translation: The mansion seems to have gone from being a luxuriously furnished residence to a dusty warehouse overnight. Residents will find themselves unable to get any items out of their closets; when they leave their rooms, they'll find boxes are piled up in the halls, marked for shipping destinations and recipients that don't exist (and some that do), and old wardrobes and chests are haphazardly jammed together. Most of these contain little more than dust and cobwebs; some work like the closets usually do. Others contain Boggarts, a shapeless creature that assumes the form of the greatest fear of whoever encounters it. The only method of defeating a Boggart is laughter, though being surrounded by many individuals can also confuse it.

Character: Remus Lupin
World: Harry Potter
+ All the characters from the world 'Harry Potter', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'Phoenix' is missing from their memories.

[ May 25th ] Silly tongues tied in knots: Is this who you've become?
Translation: Upon waking, it will seem to be a normal day. However, everyone will find themselves calling each other by nicknames. They will have no choice in the matter, and the more they like someone (be it romantically or just as friends), the sillier and more ridiculous the names will be. The only exception is if they truly hate someone, there will be no nickname.

Character: Fai D. Flowright (Yuui)
World: Tsubasa: RC
+ All the characters from the world 'Tsubasa: RC', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'feather' is missing from their memories.

[ June 1st-4th ] The quiet sea: Drowning your dreams.
Translation?: A pale witch draws on a hero's memories: a quiet seaside town at the end of summer, filled with the laughter of children and the heat of the afternoon sun.

Character: The March Hare Namine
World: The Mansion Kingdom Hearts?
+ No character's memories will be affected by this event... or will they? Keep an eye on the main community journal for further developments as this plot progresses. ♥

[ June 18th-19th ] But dream just for now: Of twirling and whirling and painting and sculpting....
Translation: For the duration of this event, upon waking, the mansion is gone, and the grounds are replaced by a quaint little town, with many white buildings with red roofs. It is an old-fashioned town, almost as if it were the setting of a fairy tale. In this town, Kinkan Town, there is a small Academy of the Arts, divided into two schools - Dance and Art. It is a boarding school where the students live in dormitories, however they all were born and raised in that little town. For the duration of this event everyone will be either a student or a teacher, in either of the schools. They have school uniforms, boys and girls. Also, some of them will inexplicably be animals of various kinds. Not all, but some (and they will be awkwardly fitted into the uniform as best as they can). However, you have always lived in this town and this is totally normal, and weren't you always a cat? The other noticeable thing about this tiny town is the wall surrounding it. No one ever really leaves this town (and no one will be allowed to leave this town), but everyone seems fine with that. Why would you want to leave? This is an AU event for most characters - the only characters who might notice something odd is going on are the Princess Tutu cast, who will remember the mansion and be wondering why they are suddenly home and why they have so many new classmates.

Character: Mytho
World: Princess Tutu
+ All the characters from the world 'Princess Tutu', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'shard' is missing from their memories.

[ June 28th-29th ] Lose yourself to find yourself: You are what you eat.
Translation?: For the duration of the event, everyone is a disembodied ghost, with all that entails. You can move through walls, but you can't interact with physical objects, etc.

Character: Ash
World: Phantom Brave
+ all the characters from the world 'Phantom Brave', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'possessed' is missing from their memories.

[ July 8th-10th ] Court is now in session: Should you dare to contest the verdict.
Translation?: Alice is on trial!

Character: Mia Fey
World: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
+ all the characters from the world 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney', upon waking will feel woozy for a moment and the word 'research' is missing from their memories.

[ August 23rd-24th ] A dish best served cold: The spice of life.
Translation?: Over the course of the event, anyone who's slighted you, either in the past or in the moment, gets under your skin just a touch more than usual. You begin find yourself obsessed with the grudge. In fact, you may even develop a strange, itching, compulsive desire for juicy, horrible, just-desserts, over-complicated revenge, until you finally decide that enough is enough and you finally do something about it.

Unfortunately, whatever plans you might have concocted, no matter how brilliant and wicked they seemed? They don't quite work out as planned. So this event is an event for epic plots and equally epic failures.

To top it all off, the mansion's interior design seems to have taken on the same aesthetic design as Kuzco's palace, without the demurely-dressed servants and the singing. In the mansion's foyer, you'll find a trapdoor with two levers. One drops you into a pool of crocodiles (a non-fatal experience, though for your clothes it may be a different story), while the other sends you on a roller coaster ride that dumps you outside the mansion in laboratory clothing and goggles. Wander into the dining room and you'll find it's turned into a greasy, bug-serving diner, where Mansion residents are prone to assaulting you with unbirthday songs.

World: The Emperor's New Groove
+ All the characters from the world 'The Emperor's New Groove,' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'palace' is missing from their memories.

[ August 31st-September 1st ] Lots of fearsome things lurk about in the dark: Waiting for fools to rush in.
Translation?: Upon waking, the mansion will have become a castle, the castle from The World That Never Was. What was once the outside of the mansion is now a dark, empty city, lit only by neon lights. It will remain nighttime for the entire duration of the event.

Oh wait...did we say empty? That's not entirely true. There will be lower order Heartless roaming around outdoors (and Nobodies within the castle). However, even Organization XIII will not be able to control them, and they will be rather eager to attack everyone. If they do get you, and you are unable to defeat them, they will tear out your heart, and it will count as a Mansion Death.

World: Kingdom Hearts
+ All the characters from the world 'Kingdom Hearts' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'light' is missing from their memories.

[ September 6th-7th ] If you catch a falling star: what would you wish for?
Translation?: Everyone wakes up with the ability to make what they truly desire happen. They can create items, bring the dead back, even change the look and size and property of things. They can even change themselves. They can influence the Mansion's structure, turn the interior into a jungle, or install an indoor theme park. They can do just about anything they want, as long as it is what they truly desire. There's a simple catch: they cannot bring someone from their own world, or leave Wonderland.

However, it's not as simple as saying "I want a piece of cake". Wanting something isn't necessarily the same as your true desires. What actually happens could easily contradict what they consciously wish for, and when your heart rules your head, that's a recipe for disaster.

(Wishes that contradict each other-- wanting someone dead, for example, when someone else wants them alive-- will cancel each other out, and wishes that affect another character directly should always be cleared out-of-character first. Wishes are very fickle things, after all~ Considering that a character may be wished dead and revived several times, deaths during this event will not be considered official Mansion deaths.)

As the event goes on, the power feels more and more like a heavy burden, and one might even start hearing a voice in the back of their head telling them when to wish.

Character: Vayne
World: Mana Khemia
+ All the characters from the world 'Mana Khemia', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'Al-Revis Academy' are missing from their memories.

[ September 13th-15th ] Wanting and getting are different things: With different feelings...
Translation?: See this post for all your event needs!

Character: Coraline
World: Coraline
+ All the characters from the world 'Coraline', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'buttons' is missing from their memories.

[ September 27th-28th ] A picture's worth a thousand words: All the things you cannot say.
Translation?: For the duration of the event, characters can only communicate in images, both on the network and off it. They will be unable to speak, and they'll find the communicator's interface has changed slightly, becoming bigger. The screen now responds to to touch, and even comes with a handy stylus for artistic endeavors! Similarly, throughout the Mansion, various artistic implements will be scattered. Paints, markers, paper, giant boxes of crayons-- you name it, it's there. Strangely enough, however, trying to write actual words doesn't seem to work; they simply blur off the page.

Video posts will work as normal, of course, and characters will be able to interact normally enough, but if they want to communicate, they'll have to get creative.

Treat the network as a giant PaintChat-- not only is posting with actual images an option, it's highly encouraged! Use whatever image program you have at hand-- MSPaint, Photoshop, etc-- artistic skill doesn't matter, though if you'd prefer to use written descriptions, that's perfectly fine. ♥ The way it works on the communicators even lets you vandalize other people's work, if that's the kind of thing you're into, so really: your imagination's the limit for this one.

Character: Palette
World: Graffiti Kingdom
+ All the characters from the world 'Graffiti Kingdom,' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'devil' is missing from their memories.

[ October 3rd-4th ] Long may our crimson flag inspire: Shining in glory for all men to see.
Translation?: On the morning of October 3rd, at first...there will appear to be little change, aside from some peculiar propaganda posters lining the halls. However, there has been a big change within the mansion's history. All characters will remember that somehow, at some point, Wonderland assimilated with Russia. No one quite remembers just how it happened, or how Russia managed to do it, but it is now common knowledge that Wonderland is a Soviet State.

If your characters venture outside, they will find the mansion's exterior has become a Moscow Building, however, it is dirty. The sky above is dingy and the ground is covered with snow. Chunks of ice will be floating in the ocean and all the trees in the forest are pine. However, everywhere there was once a rose, a sunflower stands tall in the snow. There will be many USSR flags flying, and all of the tea rooms will only serve vodka. ...You'll have quite a craving for vodka during this event.

Of course, this means all are expected to obey Russia. Some will accept it, some deny it, and some may wish to revolt, though there seems to be a common knowledge that it is likely to fail. Filters are forbidden (completely nonfunctional). It's for the best, really. Why would you want to hide anything from your comrade Russia anyway? Silly, silly citizens. If you displease Russia, you will likely find yourself outside, in the snow, painting his Sunflowers red; or perhaps in a twisted game of croquet.

But don't fret! This is a Hetalia event. Expect lots of cracky fun with your event. ...Or, well. In Soviet Wonderland, event cracks you!

Character: Russia
World: Axis Powers Hetalia
+ All the characters from the world 'Axis Powers Hetalia' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'Allied Forces' is missing from their memories.

[ October 10th-12th ] A hunger only blood can sate: To be the dinner on the plate.
Translation?: Upon waking up on the first day, all characters will feel a vague sense of dread, as though someone is watching them. Though it starts off mild, this feeling steadily increases to the point where it becomes a certainty. Something is out to get them. It knows their weaknesses, it knows their crimes, and it knows no forgiveness. The sense of unease grows until they fall asleep; their dreams are haunted by unidentifiable shadows and voices whispering their name.

By the second day of the event, characters experience close brushes with death at every turn-- glass and electric lights shattering in the hallway, chandeliers stopping short of pinning them to the floor, wooden planks breaking under their feet as though the Mansion itself is out to get them. Most of these incidents aren't fatal, but every time characters think they've finally caught a break, something happens to interrupt it, keeping them wide awake and on the move all through the next day. It isn't until the evening of the third day that everything settles down and the Mansion repairs itself, as thought nothing ever happened.

Band together, or tough it out alone; trust one another or remain paranoid of the others' motives-- whether they're killed, injured, or walk off scott free, all characters involved will know what it feels like to be hunted. Dying in this event will count as a Mansion death, and characters that die during the event will not be revived until it ends.

Character: Sam Winchester
World: Supernatural
+ All the characters from the world 'Supernatural,' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Supernatural' is missing from their memories.

[ October 25th-27th ] A night to see and be seen: Simply to die for.
Translation?: For the duration of the event, the mansion resembles an old-fashioned, elegant castle, with sprawling courtyards and even a stable. The residents of the Mansion are effectively treated as nobility: the animal-masked vendors that normally occupy the stalls behind the Mansion have, for the day, become their foot servants, attending to their every whim. When they wake up on the first day, they will find a maid or a butler at their bedside, presenting them with a formal, crisp invitation for a ball to be held on the last night of the event. It also seems that dressing to impress is nothing to worry about: opening one's closet reveals that all of its contents have been transformed into formal wear from the character's own world.

Residents will also be compelled to act in a manner that befits their new station: courtly etiquette is to be observed in all public areas, even between mortal enemies (though of course, each character's personality will still be evident). Each character will refer to the other residents by their full names and titles (for example, Yujinn's would be 'Prince Yuujel Zi Alda') even if they have never met before. Characters retain all their 'real' memories for the event.

However, there is a dark side underneath all the glamor: as the event goes on, a character will gradually find themselves convinced that they should get exactly what they want, even if it is possessed by another person. How far this goes depends on temperament; but it may involve lying, manipulation, theft, or assassination-- standard parts of intrigue. Any deaths during this event will count as a Mansion death. ♥

Character: Yujinn
World: Vampire Game
+ All the characters from the world 'Vampire Game', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Krawl' is missing from their memories.

[ October 31st-November 2nd ] Hell above and below and all around us: Friends are coming and screaming and running.
Translation?: At the stroke of midnight, the mansion will transform. The walls will become solid rock, dead trees will litter the grounds, and the floor will be so covered in bones that you won't be able to see the bottom. The closets will become rock caves and refuse to produce any items, and the kitchen will be stocked only with rotten and moldy foods. There won't be any lights, either, so have fun stumbling your way through pitch black, bone filled corridors. The only area in the mansion that won't be pitch black is the main hall, which will instead covered in giant blue crystals that glow ominously. If you manage to find your way outside, you'll see the sky glows red like fire above thick black clouds. The mansion grounds are dead and come with mountains of skeletons and enormous rock formations. The beach is littered with dead fish that float on black, sludge-like waves. This, dear Wonderlandians, is Hell.

If your character has died, whether it was at home or in the mansion, they will be a Geist for the duration of this event. They will appear as they did at death, and the longer it has been since they died, the more rotten and corpse-like they will appear. If they've died multiple times, they will have all death wounds from all of their deaths. A person who was decapitated for one mansion death and stabbed to death for another would be a headless Geist with rotting stab wounds. There are two types of geists. Type 1 are nice Geists! They will spend the event likely in horrible pain, but they will carry large candle around with them. They'll wander around the mansion acting as a light source in dark places, but these candles are pretty heavy, and aside from lugging candles around they won't have much use of their arms. Type 2 are terrible Geists, who will be beating the crap out of people instead of lighting their way. They will blindly and psychotically attack anyone who comes near them until they are physically unable to go on.

And what about those who haven't died yet? Well, lucky you, you're fine. If being attacked by your dead friends and other monsters counts as fine, that is. If you're killed during this event, you will be turned into a Geist, and it will count as a mansion death. If you died before this event and are a Geist by default, however, it will not count against you (so when someone with four deaths becomes a Geist for this event, it won't be their fifth death). Becoming a Geist is also pretty painful, so you might want to try to stay alive. Happy Halloween!

Character: Oswald
World: Odin Sphere
+ All the characters from the world 'Odin Sphere', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Halja' is missing from their memories.

[ November 9th-11th ] Rewinding the clock: Turn back the pages.
Translation?: The residents of the mansion are forced to watch a play that parodies the events of their time in the mansion, much like when Aang encountered the Ember Island players.

A theater appears in the mansion, and on the second night of the event. everybody is required to attend the performance.

If they haven't had suitable time in the mansion to have their mansion-time made fun of, they may get a segment that makes fun of their recent canon, or just their personalities. In short, for a few minutes on stage, the characters will see an interpretation of themselves in front of everybody that may be fundamentally wrong in some way (gender swapped, like Aang, for example), gratuitously parodied (like Toph), or entirely unflattering (like Zuko). Ideally, it should be funny, if not to them, than to everybody around them, because they're still easily recognized. Basically, their "adventures" are depicted as if written by someone who heard about them from not-very-reliable secondhand sources.

Before and after the play the characters are followed around by their actors, who shadow and hyperbolize their every movement. These actors will be like pantomimes in the background, parodying the character without interacting with them, like improvisational actors doing mimicry. However, actors can interact with each other. As a simple example: if Eiko tells Ash she doesn't want to go somewhere, "Eiko" might say the exact same words, except in a simpering voice, then conclude by flinging herself at Ash's actor, wailing into his neck.

Unfortunately for your character, these actors cannot be killed or silenced in any way-- even by each other. Any re-enactments of violence tend to be accompanied by laughable special effects, and the actors themselves are harmless.

Except to your pride.

Character: Aang
World: Avatar: the Last Airbender
+ All the characters from the world 'Avatar', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'Fire Nation' is missing from their memories.

[ December 11th-13th ] I don't really want to go there...: Can't we all just go on dreaming?
Translation?: On the morning of December, 11th, there will have been some changes made to the mansion. Everything is a sleek, pristine white color. The bedrooms have been stripped of everything except the beds (including any personal belongings within the room - they've all disappeared, and will be back after the event). The entire mansion is plain white, and the only remarkable feature is a massive white piano in the foyer. Even the front doors seem to have disappeared. There is only wall where they once were. The windows cannot be broken, no matter how much force is applied. Outside the windows, there will be an excellent view of the stars. The mansion is (or appears to be) traveling through space! There is a red planet off in the distance that the mansion seems to be head toward.

On the morning of the 12th, everyone will be awoken by alarms blaring and red lights flashing. The view outside the mansion is blurred as the it spins and spins until it CRASHES into something very hard. With this impact front doors have returned, and when the characters walk outside, they will find they have landed on that large red planet. Some may recognize it as Mars. With the landing comes a sense of despair though, one that lasts the duration of the event.

Should the characters venture out, they won't find much at first. Mars is fairly barren, with hills in the distance. If they travel to the top of the hill, they will find a small, smoking hole that will lead to a long staircase. What is at the bottom depends on who enters; it varies from person to person. At the bottom though, will be something symbolic of a tragedy or trauma the character has suffered in their lives. If they have been fortunate thus far, it will represent a fear. Madotsuki's symbolic horror is at the end of this video, for example. No matter what though, it will be something greatly disturbing to them. If two or more characters enter together, what they see will be a mix of what they would have seen individually.

When the event is over, the world will melt away, and the characters will awake in their beds (or wherever the were, if they were not asleep). The mansion will have returned to normal, and there will be no physical traces of the event (as if it were just a dream...)

Character: Seccom Masada
World: Yume Nikki
+ All the characters from the world 'Yume Nikki', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'cat' is missing from their memories.