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+ bulletin board archive part four +

+ bulletin board archive part four +

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♥ 2011 ♥

[ January 9th-11th ] There's nothing to be feared except the shaking things and the shooting things, you know: But I doubt it will matter much.
Translation?: For this event, the mansion will be looking just a little different. It will have turned itself into a space station known as Babylon 5, orbiting a barren terrestrial world. Rooms are now moderately-sized apartments, and normal water showers have been replaced by showers that spray a fine mist of a mixture of antiseptic and water. The gravity seems to be about Earth normal (or Wonderland normal, rather), and the atmosphere is oxygen almost entirely throughout, except one corridor that contains a significant amount of methane.

The station looks like it once housed many more people, or even many more species. There are areas for living and commerce and even left over evidence of crime, all of which have been completely abandoned, as though everyone just vanished suddenly. It’s still cool though, right? Being out in outer space? Just look out that panel - space is out there!

Things get less cool on the second day, when something starts attacking the station. An unknown alien fleet appears, engaging in battle with the station’s defenses, and if you peek outside, you’ll be able to see the battle going on, the two sides firing back and forth. The station will shake a lot during this battle, and some portions will be hit so hard that they even lose gravity. Alerts will sound out – Basic alerts, warning people to stay calm, avoid certain corridors, keep all trays in their upright position due to turbulence, etc, etc. But the voice that comes over the intercom will sound very familiar to many of you. Haven't you heard that message before...?

Well, actually, that might be cool for some of you, but the third day is less cool. The station has been invaded! The alien fleet has managed to get on board the station, and are covered from head to toe in full encounter suits, looking like a matching army of identity-less invaders. They’ll shoot at anyone they find, so you might want to be careful out in the corridors. The announcements will sound out again, except that familiar voice will be suggesting that you head to one of the emergency shelters on board, but good luck getting there if you’re already out and about. Your room isn’t safe, the corridors aren’t safe, but the shelters are mysteriously quite secure.

At the end of the third day, the fleet will disappear, and everything will revert back to normal, as though the mansion was never in outer space at all.

Character: Susan Ivanova
World: Babylon 5
+ All the characters from the world ‘Babylon 5’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Starfury' is missing from their memories.

[ January 22nd-24th ] Except...when they shatter-clatter-scatter: ...and look at you with beady eyes.
Translation?: At the start of the event, all characters will find a doll in their room, in the image of someone very important to them, whether it’s someone they’ve lost, someone they love, or someone they care for or even just need in some way who is not in the mansion currently. The doll could be anything from a ragdoll to an android-looking thing to a Barbie-esque doll. But this is Wonderland; they can’t just be normal dolls – no, they move and behave in the manner of the person they look like, as the character remembers that person.

Of course, the dolls are not these people, so they won’t be perfect simulations. The more the characters interact with these dolls, the more they’ll come to find that these dolls are just hollow imitations of their loved ones. If the doll becomes aware it’s not actually that person, it will attack.

If the dolls are destroyed, whether in self-defense or otherwise, they will release a strange powdery substance that will make whoever ingests or comes in contact with it slowly begin to turn into a doll themselves. If a character completely turns into a doll, they will be stuck as a lifeless doll for the rest of the event, and it will be regarded as a mansion death.

Also, the mansion and the surrounding grounds are littered with broken doll parts. Occasionally they will look like pieces of the dolls found in the characters rooms. When the event ends, all of the dolls will disappear, and everyone will return to normal.

Character: Seeu
World: Planet Ladder
+ All the characters from the world ‘Planet Ladder’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘anai' is missing from their memories.

[ February 6th-8th ] I could have sworn I saw someone just now: I don't think she saw me though, or perhaps I didn't really see her at all.
Translation?: A carnival’s come to Wonderland! Outside during this event, a carnival will have pulled in from…somewhere. It will have rickety rides, games characters can try to win prizes from, carnie food, a haunted house, music, and various other typical traveling carnival fare. Everything is run by masked figures, and none of them will speak or respond to the characters aside from doing their job, whether it’s running the ride you’re on or making you a doughboy. They’re a little creepy, but ultimately harmless.

If your character is one of those rare ones without too much drama in their childhood, congratulations! They basically get a free pass this event – in other words, they can enjoy the carnival to their heart’s content without any ill effects whatsoever. However, if your character has been hurt, victimized, or wronged by someone as a child, they might not like this carnival so much. If your character is currently a child or teenager, it could be someone victimizing them or ruining their lives now.

You see, the carnival will be going out of its way to subtly remind the character of what happened. It will start with something small on the first day – perhaps a song will be playing that reminds them, or there might be something won as a prize that would jog their memory. It’s just a tiny little thing to make them remember. Then, as the event goes on, they’ll start to see the person who harmed them. Since these are illusions that they can’t interact with, or perhaps hallucinations, it is perfectly okay for them to be of someone in the mansion, if applicable. Whether they want to or not though, they won’t be able to catch up with or confront this person – they’ll disappear into the crowd again before the character can do so, like they were never there at all. As the event goes on, these sightings will become more and more frequent, until the character is eventually seeing them everywhere they go – around corners, or just barely in view. But so much as turn your head the wrong way and they’re gone.

And don’t think skipping out on the carnival will stop it. If any of the afflicted characters retreats inside, they will start seeing these people who wronged them inside the mansion, at the ends of corridors or just out of the corner of their eye. It will persist until the carnival disappears at the end of the event.

Character: Jean
World: Lunar II: Eternal Blue
+ All the characters from the world ‘Lunar II: Eternal Blue’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘cult' is missing from their memories.

[ February 12th -14th ] Under the sea: Darling, it’s better, down where it’s wetter.
Translation?: The Mansion is now underwater. But don’t worry! It’s adapted its inhabitants to be fully equipped for their new lives! Congrats, guys. You’re now mermaids. Or mermen. Merfolk. Or, if you prefer, you can have your characters become a lovable half-aquatic animal being (think Donald and his octopus/duck body).

Character: Sora
World: Kingdom Hearts
+ all the characters from the world ‘Kingdom Hearts,' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘sea' is missing from their memories.

[ February 19th-21st ] Are you really understanding what you're hearing?: Do you really mean what you say?
Translation?: For the duration of the event, the universal translation abilities provided by Wonderland will cease to function. Characters are limited to verbal and written communication only with those who speak languages in common with them. For everyone else, they'll have to find some other way to communicate, be it through drawings, charades, or some other means.

You are encouraged to choose a new language, as opposed to their native language, for your character to speak throughout the event, especially if your character only speaks one of the majority languages found in Wonderland (namely, English and Japanese).

Posts made during the event should specify what language they are in and what level of fluency the poster has.

Character: Hubb McCann
World: Secondhand Lions
+ All the characters from the world ‘Secondhand Lions’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘language' is missing from their memories.

[ March 6th-10th ] What does a mock thing know of the true self?: Absolutely nothing.
Translation?: The event begins at midnight, when all the TVs/ communicators/computers/whatever flicker on. Instead of seeing a typical broadcast, what people will see is the Midnight Channel. On this channel, a character will see themselves—however, something’s a little off.

The you on the screen is being a bit too truthful. Every aspect of yourself that you try to keep locked away and hidden? It’s now exaggerated times ten. Are you secretly afraid of the dark? Well, the “you” on the Midnight Channel can’t stop shaking over every little thing. Whatever the case, it’s an exaggerated aspect of your personality that you really don’t want to face. For now, though, you’re the only one who can see this “you.”

The next day, the Mansion will be shrouded in thick fog. In this fog, there will be two changes:

1) There will be typical Shadows. See HERE. They will be roaming the Mansion, attacking anyone they come across.
2) The Mansion will begin to change according to the suppressed feelings and thoughts of those in it. Whereas common areas might remain the same, places that each person frequents (their room, their hall, whatever), will begin to shift to reveal how they are on the inside. If someone has secret guilt that they refuse to acknowledge, the mansion might become a prison or something that prompts that feeling of guilt. If someone is really innocent, theirs might manifest in something adults-only, because they have to acknowledge 1) they’ll grow up one day, and 2) that their innocence is used as a defense to keep themselves from having to face the adult world.

On the 8th, people will meet their own Shadows. Each individual will be presented with a version of themselves manifesting everything they try to hide about their personality—what they saw on the Midnight Channel the first night, but this time, EVERYONE can see it. If the person refuses to accept that their Shadow is a part of them, they will have to fight it (it’ll be a really tough fight; you’ll need help). If the person accepts that the Shadow is them, the Shadow will fade, and they will find that they are much more powerful when fighting the other Shadows.

Of course, because this is an event, feel free to try and help people fight their own Shadows or brave the warped-mansion of others.

Character: Naoto Shirogane
World: Persona 4
+ All the characters from the world ‘Persona 4,’ upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘arcana’ is missing from their memories.

[ March 19th-22nd ] If there's someone to give it, it's given: If there's no one, it ain't.
Translation?: At exactly midnight on the 19th, the mansion becomes a club where the party never stops--even if you want it to. Neon and black lights flicker everywhere and loud music makes the walls shake. Outside, Wonderland has become a grungy city of doorless buildings, lit up in neon that makes it impossible to make out any stars in the sky. The only normal fixture of Wonderland that remains are the merchants, though residents will find them changed. Their masks are the faces of animals, their booths are run down, and they'll swindle, scam, and even steal from you if you don't watch out.

But that's not all. What rave would be complete without candy? It's all over the place, littering every surface, in all shapes and colors. The floors are littered with empty wrappers that tempt you: everyone else is doing it, so it can't hurt to have a piece. Right? ♥

And it doesn't! Not at first, anyway. At first, it's quite pleasant, inducing cheerful, playful, laid back moods in anyone who consumes it. It's quite addictive once you've had a taste, but there seems to be plenty to go around.

When the 20th rolls around, however, the candy that had been inundating the mansion is gone, replaced by curious, official-looking signs that say it has been removed for the good of the residents. Apparently consumption comes with a terrible side effect: the possibility of spontaneous combustion.

Of course, the withdrawals for those who had eaten some are terrible. Anyone who had any candy the day before will be desperate to get their hands on more, and nothing but more candy will make the symptoms go away. The only way to sneak a piece is either to have had the forethought to save some while it was still available or to get it from the merchants at outrageous prices.

As soon as the 22nd rolls over to the 23rd, Wonderland and the mansion will return to normal and all symptoms of either intoxication or withdrawals will disappear.

Character: Haru
World: Firecandy
+ All the characters from the world ‘Firecandy’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘parent' is missing from their memories.

[ April 3rd-10th ] Soon, we all will be together: And it will be so grand!
Translation?: On the third, you might notice all the windows open, letting in that warm spring breeze. You can shut them, but they’ll playfully open right back up again. But why would you want to? The grass is green and the flowers are blooming. You might see some bunnies and squirrels frolicking about in the sunlight. If you aren’t too distracted by the new scenery, you might also notice a vague invitation slipped under your door.

Welcome to the party! While the outdoors throw on the dress of spring, the indoors will be decorating itself in its own particular fashion. Pastel streamers, balloons, and confetti will litter the hallways, while flower garlands will grace the walls. And when we say all of the windows will be open, we mean all of the windows will b open. The glass of the mirrors will slide down into the wall somewhere, and instead there will be a hole through to the Mirrorside.

Both Mirrors AND Real Things will be able to cross through to the other side, and the usual Law of Mirrors will be broken -- all characters can literally just climb through the mirror frame as though it’s an open window, without any of the usual swapping nonsense. This is because the mansion really, truly wants everyone to come to this party. All of the Mirrors will receive invitations underneath their doors as well.

Of course, the blatant disregard for mirror physics will catch the Queen’s attention really fast. As much as she detests the thought, it’s probably a good opportunity to spy, and it will keep moral up (since you brats wanted a party anyway). Look for a post from her at the start of the event for more details on that!

More details on the party itself will be coming on April 5th, and the party itself will run from April 8th to April 10th. In the meantime, enjoy the chaos of the Mirrors!

Character: Everyone
World: Wonderland
+ No memories will be taken for this event.

[ April 23rd-25th ] And so many trials...tribulations...anti-salutations...: Miscalculations...salivations, just to calm my starvation.
Translation?: For this event, half of the mansion will discover they are now vampires. They can be any kind of vampires (yes, even those offensive sparkly ones), but no matter what kind they are, they will wake up that first morning starving. Normal food won’t do the trick though, and they won’t be able to obtain blood from the closets, the kitchen, or the vendors. Their only option is blood from…well, its usual human source. If they haven’t caved by day three, they’re going to be absolutely ravenous by then.

The other half of the mansion’s residents will be as normal as they ever were, though probably suddenly much tastier to their vampire friends. They’ll have their own human troubles though, such as the closets refusing to produce food. The vendors, much like the honey badger, don’t care. They’re not selling food either. Their only option is trying to get to the kitchen, while the mansion is full of hungry, hungry vampires. Just to make matters worse, the kitchen will only be producing one serving of food at a time – just what they need for that meal. So they’ll need to keep going back to the kitchen again and again if they don’t want to starve, but it will be more and more difficult each time, as more and more of their vampire friends all start caving to their need to eat.

Despite the undead quality of vampires, being a vampire does not count as a mansion death, but being drained of your blood does count as a mansion death.

Finally, if you were a vampire to begin with, you’re automatically a human for the event. Everything will go back to normal after the third day.

Character: Yujinn
World: Vampire Game
+ All the characters from the world ‘Vampire Game’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘war' is missing from their memories.

[ May 5th-9th ] No matter which way you go: You're always going forward.
Translation?: Welcome to Namimori, a school which, for the purposes of this event, is now a combined middle and high school with adjoining dormitory. As far as any of you know, you have always lived in this town and either studied or worked at this school. Anyone who appears 18 or younger is a student, while those who appear to be older than 18 work as faculty or staff at the school. Students are expected to wear the correct school uniform on weekdays, and they should feel free to participate in one of the school clubs.

Just beware the Disciplinary Committee. It's members keep order in the school in the name of their chairman: Hibari Kyouya. Hibari is the Law in Namimori, and even faculty and staff are reluctant to cross him. Characters who have a particularly strong affinity for justice or just a lackey sort of disposition may find themselves drawn to join the Disciplinary Committee. Anyone who is part of the Disciplinary Committee is tasked with making sure the other students follow the rules, all while sporting the Hibari-mandated hairstyle.

What about your powers, you ask? Well, unlike at it's original counterpart, strange powers aren't that outside the norm at this Namimori. If you have any, you'll find that one of two things has happened to them:

1) Your powers have become supercharged. Are you super strong under normal circumstances? You might find yourself crushing doorknobs and snapping pencils with the lightest touches. You have fire-based powers? You might find yourself engulfed inside your own fireball when it's much larger and hotter than expected.
2) Your powers have been reduced. If you can normally fly, you might not be able to do more than hover a foot off the ground. Your ice powers might just create a cold draft if you try to use them.

These changes may be brought under control with effort or they may be injurious, depending on the circumstances. But of course, you won't know which way your powers have gone unless you try to use them. ♥

Character: Hibari Kyouya and Ryuho Ryu
World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and S-CRY-ed
+ All the characters from the worlds ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’ and 'S-CRY-ed', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The words ‘pompadour' and 'mainland' are missing from their respective memories.

[ May 21st-24th ] You can make anything into anything, be anything, do anything: As long as you can dream it up, of course.
Translation?: The event starts with all of the characters having a dream the night before. Characters will wake up from this dream feeling a little dazed, the same sort of feeling you get when you're not sure if you're asleep or awake.

Characters will begin to realize after they awaken that they can alter the way the Mansion looks. Just by willing certain areas to look certain ways, they can add, change, or remove features of the Mansion. How far these powers can go depends on how strong your character's imagination is, however. Everyone can will the floor to turn into a color-changing disco dance floor if they want to, but it takes a special kind of imagination to create creatures out of nothing. Yes, some characters can bring inanimate objects to life, and others can make beings from nothing but air; flying fish, or floating giants, or perhaps a strange, masked juggler friend.

But the power to create isn't the only thing that's changed for this event. Characters will feel slightly rebellious as the event goes on. You might find it fun to change your pesky roommate's bed into a bathtub while he's sleeping, or maybe turn all their clothes pink. Get carried away, however, and you might create something (or someone) even you'll regret.

All imagined creatures, places, and things will disappear or revert back to normal at the stroke of midnight after the third day, which might, of course, present some problems of its own.

Character: Helena Campbell
World: Mirrormask
+ All the characters from the world ‘Mirrormask’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘mask' is missing from their memories.

[ June 3rd-5th ] You may not know it yet, but I have something you want: something you need more than breathing.
Translation?: When characters awaken on the fourth, they will find a thin booklet nearby titled "A Good Child's Rule Book". This book will contain information, first, about the identical white collars each of the characters is now wearing around his or her neck. Regardless of a character's strength or powers, these collars can not be removed. (Characters should certainly feel free to try, though. ♥)

Second, it will explain that these collars are slowly poisoning the characters. If they don't take an antidote, which the book simply refers to as "candy", the characters will die. The symptoms won't show up until the third day, though, approximately an hour before death occurs.

How do characters get candy? By fighting of course. ♥ The reward for winning is one piece of the candy that counteracts the poison, delivered by the Cheshire Cat upon the character's victory. The closets, kitchen, and vendors won't give out this item for the duration of the event.

What about characters who have no powers or combat skills? No need to worry! Any person who is not a fighter and/or has no supernatural or superhuman abilities, may find that he or she has manifested a power called a branch of sin. This is the power to control and weaponize one's blood. This may not be immediately obvious, however: the branch of sin only initially manifests when a person is in danger or overcome by some strong emotion such as fear or anger. And of course, to use the branch of sin, the character must be bleeding--no open wounds means the power won't respond.

But of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for them to discover this new power during their experience with the Carnival Corpse. ♥

If a character doesn't obtain candy through fighting (or can't pay an exorbitant amount for it), he or she will die. Any character who would normally have powers or abilities that could counteract or treat the poison will find those powers/abilities are gone for the duration of the event (all other powers are still usable however), and there is no other antidote for the poison but the candy. Any and all deaths during this event will count as a mansion death.

Character: Kengamine Nagi
World: Deadman Wonderland
+ All the characters from the world ‘Deadman Wonderland’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘Carnival Corpse' is missing from their memories.

[ July 17th-19th ] ...In fact, there was something...somehow strange: ...But who did it? ...Who made the rain treacle-tap?
Translation?: For the duration of the event, the mansion will be a film noir of the detective variety. Characters will take on the various archetypes of the genre, regardless of their genders: the hard-boiled detective, the femme fatale, the ingenue, various criminal types, etc. This is an AU event, and they will believe they have always been detectives or criminals or whatnot. Everything will look and feel like a gritty detective movie – lots of black and white, lots of rainy nights, and lots of grimy little detective offices. Certainly with all the criminals and innocent civilians running around, the Private Eyes will have some kind of mystery to solve, and everyone is suspect.

In addition to the AU aspect of the event, the event will also cause characters’ thoughts to be broadcasted aloud as a hard-boiled noir monologue, whether they want them to or not, for everyone to hear.

Character: Benny Stango
World: Bioshock
+ All the characters from the world ‘Bioshock’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘Scarlet Sovereign’ is missing from their memories.

[ August 5th-9th ] I suppose we'll have to get creative: Won't we?
Translation?: Upon waking, characters will suddenly find themselves pressured to fulfill their romantic needs before the event's end. They will be completely and utterly obsessed with this goal.

But this isn't just normal romance. It's Troll romance. Which is a bit confusing and complicated, so here are the basics.

There are four quadrants of romance that everyone will be desperate to fill:
Matespritship, which is basically the troll equivalent of normal human love. This is pretty straightforward. Characters must find someone they love, or force themselves to love someone in absence of true love.
Kismesissitude, which is when two people absolutely loathe each other to the point where they hate each other exclusively. Kismeses are like adversaries or rivals and use the relationship as an outlet for their anger.
Moirallegiance, which is described as a fated friendship. Moirails are people who balance each other, keeping their opposite in line and defending them like a true friend should. This is a platonic relationship, basically just the equivalent of best friends.
Auspistice, which is when a third party mediates the unstable relationship of two other parties. For example, if characters A and B are matesprits, but A and C are also bordering on matespritship, another character (D) can act as the auspistice of their relationship to prevent infidelity. This applies to matesprits and kismeses--especially kismeses--and one can be an auspistice for multiple relationships. Being in any kind of auspistice relationship, either as a mediator or as one of the mediated, counts as filling this quadrant.

Of course, not everyone is going to have the right emotions for people, or the people they care about might not be in the mansion, but they will be filled with the undeniable urge to fill all four relationships. Characters may not know the terms that go with them, but they will inherently know the details of the desired relationships and how they function.

Furthermore, characters can't share matesprits, kismeses, or moirails. What if the only person they feel that way towards already has someone else? Do they look for someone new or try desperately to earn that character's love/hate/friendship? Or maybe they try to kill the interfering party, or turn the relationship into an auspisticeship to ruin the others chances? Anything goes in troll romance. And we do mean anything. ♥

Character: Karkat Vantas
World: Homestuck
+ All the characters from the world ‘Homestuck’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘caliginous' is missing from their memories.

[ August 19th-22nd ] Maybe you’ll appreciate things better: This time around...
Translation?: This is a combination event.
For the duration of the event the mansion will turn into a company building of Veridian Dynamics. Cubicle areas for the lowly workers, meeting rooms, offices, laboratories and other office building type facilities replace the mansion's usual decor. Through the glass windows you can see a buzzing metropolis, but of course all windows and doors leading outside are locked and unbreakable. You may also notice a few minor changes in Wonderland:

- The closets will no longer function as the limitless supply wizards you’re used to. However, food is still available in the cafeteria and various coffee areas, but its quality isn’t quite up to Wonderland par.

- Due to rising production costs, Veridian Dynamics has been forced to cut down on employee space. There will be only about half as many rooms as there are residents. So if you wake up in one of the common areas instead and want a bed back then you'd better share one with somebody, because all other rooms will either be gone, locked, closed off with signs warning for biohazard. Every room is standard, and customization is far too frivolous for the serious workers you are.

- The biohazard warning is legitimate. A biocomputer has appeared in a lab on the mansion's tenth floor and is leaking a black, highly acidic and combustible substance which will drip down from the ceiling in random places every once in a while.

- Granted, nothing says you can't just get comfortable in a meeting room or cubicle, but outside the safety of those standardized bedrooms you risk being attacked byrogue cleaning robots (who don't do much other than stub your foot angrily and maybe give you a small electric shock, but still...) or risk a bite from the arachnids now lurking in some of the ex-mansions stairways (once bitten the symptoms of spider madness can range anywhere from suddenly using excessive sarcasm to 'flopping on the floor in throes of agony').

- On the plus side, in most of the coffee areas you will find pink boxes containing delicious donuts in every possible flavor. The boxes come with a sign saying 'Sorry for the little inconvenience!' and refill automatically once emptied. Go ahead, take some! They are completely harmless, promise!
However, besides the setting change, individuals themselves will be facing a few changes.

Each character in the Mansion will lose one major sense as well. However, in return, all their other senses will be enhanced significantly. For example, if one loses their sight, they can smell and taste colors now. Or if one loses their hearing, they can feel and see sounds.

Character: Terezi Pyrope & Dr. Bhamba
World: Homestuck & Better Off Ted
+ All the characters from the world ‘Homestuck’ and the world ‘Better Off Ted,’ upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The words ‘Prospit’ and ‘Johnny’ are missing from their respective memories.

[ September 2nd-5th ] Until one day you wake up: And you're gone.
Translation?: See this post for event details.

Character: Ayanami Rei
World: Neon Genesis Evangelion
+ All the characters from the world ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Instrumentality' is missing from their memories.

[ October 13th-17th ] I’ve never been one for make-believe and pretend: But I suppose they have their merits.
Translation?: Everyone is role playing. Yeah, you read that right. For the duration of the event, every character is role playing themselves.

Everyone is suddenly a completely normal human, role playing their actual selves. They know all their canon and mansion history, have all their powers and items, be in the same outfits--however, they're only role playing it. Everyone will have all the right (inauthentic) props and act like they have whatever powers, but it's all fake. Everyone will still act like it's real.

To make this slightly more confusing, everyone is aware all of this is fake, to a degree. They will feel extremely compelled not to "break the fourth wall" and speak out of character, but say if someone has a lot of ridiculous powers and someone else thinks they shouldn't be able to fire fifty lasers at once or whatever, they might argue with them in the middle of a scene or be slightly more polite and pull them aside. If someone is "killed", they can go off and do something other than be a corpse and be considered out of play/a ghost for a duration of time. Or they can make up some BS excuse for how they cheated death and everyone just thought they were dead.

Dice-rolling, purple prose-filled scene descriptions, and other extremely nerdy activities are not required, but certainly encouraged.

Character: Terezi Pyrope
World: Homestuck
+ All the characters from the world ‘Homestuck,’ upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘Pupa Pan’ is missing from their memories.

[ October 28th-November 1st ] What good is a game if the stakes aren't high?: It's not much of a game at all.
Translation?: The mansion has turned into a giant game of Rabbit Doubt. Six to ten characters will be randomly selected from those who sign up to be "wolves", while everyone else is a "rabbit". The wolves are bent on killing the rabbits, but they have to be careful, lest the rabbits figure out who the traitors in the group are and turn on them. For their part, the rabbits need to identify and stop the wolves before they're all injured or killed. "Stopping" might involve incapacitation or even death, depending on the rabbits in question. However, if the rabbits wrongly accuse and punish someone who isn't a wolf, their lives are forfeit.

Why are the wolves so murderous? Because they're predators, of course. They're hungry, maybe for revenge or just with curiosity. Regardless, they can't be convinced that they're in the wrong: it's as though they're hypnotized. They believe in what they're doing completely. In order to remain anonymous, especially in the event that they fail to kill their victims, the wolves may choose to disguise themselves. Masks are an especially good method. ♥

Not only are some people acting strangely: the mansion itself has changed for the event. The front door is locked and the windows are barred; no one can leave regardless of their strength or power. While the individual rooms of mansion have remained intact, the interior has become decidedly more industrial and grungy, with harsh florescent lighting and rust on everything. Something like this.

Character: Aikawa Yuu
World: Doubt
+ All the characters from the world ‘Doubt’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘For the one I love' is missing from their memories.

[ November 12th-16th ] But the heat'll eat up what you should've, could've, would've watched...: so watch a little closer, and clearer, and...better-er.
Translation?:The night before the event starts, everyone will share a dream. They are standing outside of a burning building, aware that someone very close to them -- someone they love -- is still trapped inside. Many people and children stand outside, frightened and worried. The character tries to heroically re-enter the building to rescue this person, but is held back by someone else much taller than they are, and forced to watch the structure burn while their loved one dies in the blaze.

The next morning, while the mansion will essentially be the same in terms of structure and abilities, it will have become an orphanage. The closets will still works, and the kitchen and dining room with both still feed people, but suddenly the doors (and windows) will only let people out in even pairs. If you want to go outside, you’ll have to go out with a buddy.

Some of the mansion residents will wake up to find that they are now very young children (old enough they can be played, young enough that they can't get by very well on their own). They will retain their memories, but they will now have the mentality and emotions of a child that age. If a character with special powers didn’t have them as a child, they will not have them now. Basically, they’ll be a little helpless without someone to look after them.

And that’s where the rest of the mansion residents come in! They won’t have changed physically at all, but they will feel obligated to take care of the young kids, even if said kids don’t want or need their help. This could be anything from confiscating dangerous items from them, to making sure they’re in bed on time, to making sure they eat their vegetables, and so on. How annoying they are about it is entirely up to the players.

On the last night of the event, the entire mansion will catch on fire, much like what happened in the dream. The flames cannot be put out completely; they can doused with water or a fire extinguisher, but they will blaze up again like a trick candle. Everyone will need to escape as soon as possible, but the doors and windows will still only let people out in groups of two. In order to get out alive, they will need to pair up, and if a character doesn’t escape they will eventually burn up in the flames or die of smoke inhalation, and it will count as a mansion death. Once everyone alive is out of the mansion, the event will end and everything will go back to normal, with no sign of fire damage whatsoever.

Character: Akihiko Sanada
World: Persona 3
+ All the characters from the world ‘Persona 3’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘Apathy Syndrome’ is missing from their memories.

[ November 27th-30th ] They're just like puppy dogs: Always following you, getting into your things, sniffing at you.
Translation?: The Mansion turns into Kyoto's Godaigo Inn. The first floor lobby sells souvenirs of Kyoto and specialty sweets of the city. From the Mansion grounds, famous historical sites as seen in Kyoto, like Kiyomizu Shrine and Kinkaku-Ji, are visible but inaccessible. The inn's hotsprings are relaxing and, well, hot, and everyone is free to visit. Characters should just be sure to visit them only during those hours scheduled for their gender! ♥

The upper two floors of the three story hotel are divided by gender as well. The second floor is for males, the third floor is for females, and each room fits 4-6 people. There will be a limited number of rooms, so people will have to room with a group, unless they don't mind sleeping in the hallways or the lobby or outside. Meals will appear in the room at the appropriate times (classic Japanese dishes only, of course!), and the only clothing provided will be yukata and indoor slippers.

But if you thought this event was going to be a reprieve from the normal chaos, think again! Starting on the evening of the 27th, characters will find themselves fangirling/-boying over another person in Wonderland. It can be anyone--someone they're already obsessed with, a friend or acquaintance, or even a stranger, and it may vary in intensity depending on the character. He or she might just crush massively on the person in question, follow the person around and try to get their attention, or maybe do things that are really not very welcome. These obsessive feelings and actions will vary depending on the person, but they will get stronger over the course of the event.

Character: Gokudera Hayato and Arisato Minato
World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Persona 3
+ All the characters from the worlds ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’ and 'Persona 3', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The words ‘boss' and 'Kyoto' are missing from their respective memories.

[ December 8th-12th ] Brains or brawn...brains...brawny...: Which one wins one…and what would one win?
Translation?: For this event, everyone is either a loser or a jock. No in-betweens or shades of gray. You choose one side for the whole event.

If you're a jock, congratulations! You're popular! Jocks include both athletes and cheerleaders (though you won't need to demonstrate it in game, aside from maybe wearing a letter jacket or a cheer leading uniform), and because they play sports and/or cheer for sports, they are automatically superior to everyone else. Jocks are brawny, but they aren't very bright. They hate the losers, and are constantly trying to intimidate and ridicule them through bullying. Some jocks will love it, and some jocks will be more skeptical about whether or not it's okay, but there will be lots of peer pressure from the other jocks to keep at it. No jock would want the others to think they're not cool anymore because then they'd become...

...A loser. A loser is less specific; it's basically everyone who isn't a jock. People can be labeled a loser for a lot of different things - weirdness, a disability, their sexuality, or even just because they're not a jock. In general though, no matter what makes them a loser, they'll be more intelligent than the jocks, and they'll occasionally be able to outwit them to get away unharmed. They'll believe themselves to be morally superior to the jocks, but some losers will probably crack under the constant torture the jocks put them through.

You cannot be both a jock and a nerd. It's just not done. You have to choose a side. If you choose to side with the jocks your intelligence goes down, but if you side with the losers, your physical strength goes down. You can't be brawny and brainy. Also, even the adults will be considered either jocks or losers. There's no "get out of it as a teacher" card. Everyone is fair game, so don't be surprised when a bunch of teenagers come and toss you in a dumpster when you're three times their age.

The mansion itself isn't becoming a school, and everyone gets to keep their powers - it's more of a shift in mentality than a setting AU. However, the mansion does suddenly have a suspicious amount of lockers suddenly (for slamming people into), an increase in public restrooms (for swirlies), dumpsters out back (for tossing losers in), and a whole bunch of flagpoles (in case anyone is interested in patriotic wedgies). Feel free to get creative with the resources the mansion already had though! Toss someone in the pool! Lock them on the roof! Trap them in a magic closet! Also, on every floor there will be slushie machines with an endless supply of both slushie and cups. These are not actually for drinking (though you can) - if you're a jock you fill up the cup and you toss it at a loser to try and ruin their day, and if you're a loser, well, you avoid them at all costs.

Finally, any deaths will be counted as mansion deaths. There should be relatively few though. The jocks will generally know that killing someone (or pushing them until they don't have the will to live anymore) is going too far, but who knows what will happen with the people here?

Character: Kurt Hummel
World: Glee
+ All the characters from the world ‘Glee’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘slushie’ is missing from their memories.