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+ bulletin board archive part five +

+ bulletin board archive part five +

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♥ 2012 ♥

[ February 3rd - 6th] It's a pity we can’t all just sit with a fine meal and discuss our issues like gentlefolk!: ...Try to mind your manners.
Translation?: You know what it's like to be insulted, right? To have someone do something so incredibly assholish and dicky that it's completely unacceptable, and you refuse to let them get away with it? Where someone looks down on you or ruins your life or takes the last cookie, and you need revenge? You can't live without making her pay. Or him. Or them. That's what's happening for this event.

Everyone will find that all the slights and insults that happen with a social (and antisocial) life need to be repaid in increasingly dramatic and possibly traumatizing ways. Unfortunately, since the other individual will be experiencing the same need for revenge, this will create a positive feedback system, prompting more violence and more creativity.

However, there will be a select few people exempt from these emotions. A handful of residents will find mysterious post-it notes on their pillows or some-such. These residents become the mansion's new "reapers." The post-it notes are all filled out with a note that goes something like this:

N. Puckerman
The Library
10:56 PM Friday

These post-its describe a victim, place, and time. The "reapers" must arrive at the location in time, locate the victim, and touch them in order to remove their soul. They do this to spare the victims the pain of their death. Ideally, a reaper does this without drawing attention to themselves. They may shake hands with the victim upon learning their name and then walk away as the chaos ensues behind them, as it inevitably does.

A victim cannot die without a reaper's touch. However, because of the reaper's involvement, deaths will not count, and individuals will revive in a matter of 12 hours, as opposed to days. Furthermore, some amount of maiming might be involved with the event, so once the event is over or a character has died, they will be completely healed.

Character: Terezi Pyrope, Georgia "George" Lass
World: Homestuck and Dead Like Me
+ All the characters from the worlds 'Homestuck' and 'Dead Like Me,' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The words 'Make Her Paty' and 'moist' are missing from their respective memories.

[ February 17th - 21st] So go, and love your precious dreams of happiness and maybes.: Live there until they won't let you live a moment longer.
Translation?: For this event, each person's room will serve as its own little world, and each world will be based around a simple question – "What if?". What if your parents hadn't died? What if you didn't cheat on your girlfriend? What if you survived that thing that happened before you got to Wonderland? What if your father hadn't walked out on you? These worlds would be based on answers to those questions. It might be better, or it might be worse. Other things might not have happened if this one thing in your dream world occurred. And that might be good or it might be bad.

Everyone will still have their memories of Wonderland, and of their original worlds, so they might realize immediately that this isn't how the world is supposed to be. Or they might just think they're dreaming. But either way, some people might choose not to try and escape it. Why would anyone want to leave a world where their mother never died, or where their sister was never diagnosed with cancer? It sounds perfect, doesn't it? The other people in their dreams won't notice anything is wrong. If you question it, they'll deny it. There's nothing wrong here! You're acting very strangely.

Of course, other people will be uncomfortable with this immediately and know that it's absolutely not a dream, and that they want to leave immediately. There's an exit somewhere in their dream that the dream-people will want them to stay away from. It probably just looks like an ordinary door or window, maybe a room they don't want them to go in. It will be different for everyone, but whatever it is, if they go through it, they will find themselves in a very…empty Wonderland.

Once they have left their own dream, they can open the doors to other people's rooms and go into their dream-worlds. Whoever is having that dream with be able to see the intruder and interact with them, and talk to them, maybe even show them around a little. The intruder might try to convince them that they need to leave because this isn't right and it isn't real. They might be persuaded, or they might listen to the people in their dream, who will say or do anything to get them to stay.

If someone makes the decision to stay in their dream world for the entire event, they will have a growing sense of unease. Things might seem off. The more they fight the dream, the more desperate the people in their dream will be to convince them to stay. If a person is in a dream world at the end of the event (whether it's their own or someone else's), the people in that person's dream will ultimately be the ones to destroy them.

It will count as a mansion death, and only their withered husk of a body will be left behind.

Character: Dean Winchester
World: Supernatural
+ All the characters from the worlds 'Supernatural' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'supernatural' is missing from their respective memories.

[ March 16th - 18th ] So go on!: The fresh air will be good for you!
Translation?: On the first morning of the event, everyone will wake up to find themselves in tents in a campground in the woods. In one area are tents for guys and in another are tents for girls; in between the two is a covered grouping of picnic tables and a row of fire pits set up with stands and some questionably clean pots and pans. Everyone is responsible for cooking their own meals for themselves or their group of friends from the rudimentary, mostly non-perishable supplies available. Everyone will be stuck wearing the same sweats with YH printed on the front. Tents contain enough sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows for their occupants, along with a lantern and flashlight, and any necessary toiletries.

Tents are shared by two to four people each and those residents eighteen and under are expected to abide by a curfew. Adult residents may stay up later, talking and drinking (and there will be alcohol available for them once the kiddies go to bed), but will feel the need to patrol the area to make sure the younger residents stay in line.

Any attempts to leave the woods and return to the mansion will result in characters getting lost and eventually finding their way back to the campsite. On the morning after the event ends, everyone will wake up on the ground at the edge of the woods with Wonderland returned to normal.
Character: Souji Seta
World: Persona 4
+ all the characters from the world 'Persona 4', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'mystery food X' is missing from their memories.

[ April 27th - 30th ] The best cure is distraction: Take your mind far, far away...absorb something else for a bit
Translation?: This event is bringing movies to life! For each character, there will be one movie represented in the mansion in some way. This will most likely be either a setting change (where part of the setting just shows up on the grounds or inside), the sudden appearance of creatures or animals (because everyone needs velociraptors running around), or the general themes of the movie affecting the population (like some mysterious American Pie rooms on the second floor that make people want to lose their virginity before their high school graduation).

How do you decide which movie your character would bring to the mansion? Well, one of two ways. The first is that if your character is from a canon where they would have watched movies, then you would pick something that they have seen. Movies that only exist in their canon are 100% okay to inflict on the mansion. The second is that if your character is from the past/a mystical magical movieless land/just doesn't care about movies, then you're free to pick any movie you want to add to the mix. Movies that they have seen in the mansion are also okay to use, if you would prefer.

For the characters who are film buffs, big fans of a movie, or just plain watch too many movies, this event will go one step farther. These characters will think that they are actually a part of whatever movie the mansion brought to the event on their behalf. They will take on one of the character roles from this movie and thoroughly believe that they are really this character. Being plucked out of their movie will not phase them too much – they will be trying to stick to the general plot of their movie as much as possible. They will gain or lose abilities based on who they think they are (someone from Star Wars might be able to use a lightsaber, but if they were a wizard before they wouldn't be able to use their wand for this event), and their personality will change accordingly, but there will still be traces of who they really are underneath. Little details that don't quite match, like certain phobias or their annoying habit of whistling too much. Of course, their friends who don't have any interest at all in movies will be thoroughly confused and probably try to snap them out of their craziness, but that most likely won't be easy. They're busy! They have to go blow up the Death Star! Or find their son Nemo! Or stop the aliens from stealing all their women and gold!

Finally, there will be one more specific change. A small patch of the gardens will turn black and white. In the middle of this patch is a tree with sign that says WELCOME TO BAILEY PARK hanging from it. If anyone approaches it, their vision will become blurry and grainy, like static interference on an old television. It will stay that way as long as they are in that area, but will go away once they leave.
Character: Philip
World: Penumbra
+ all the characters from the world 'Penumbra', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'It's A Wonderful Life' is missing from their memories.

[ May 17th - 21st ] But I think I've had enough of the chess theme: Haven't you?
Translation?: See this post for event details.
Character: Dave Strider
World: Homestuck
+ all the characters from the world 'Homestuck', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word/phrase 'gamblignant' is missing from their memories.

[ June 1st - 3rd ] A magic potion to cure all the ails that ail you: Or ills you. Or makes you nauseous.
Translation?: On June 1st, everyone will wake up with a massive hangover (soreness, headaches, nausea, the works), even if they didn't drink the night before. They will be feeling completely miserable. And strangely, none of their hangover cures are working! There is only one thing that will make the hangover go away. More alcohol. Brilliant, right?

The closets and the kitchens will only give people various forms of alcohol. People can choose not to drink, of course, but they will have to deal with their horrible hangover instead, for the entire event. People 15 and under will only be able to obtain sparkling cider and root beer, but it will successfully cure their hangovers without getting them drunk. Cider and root beer will do absolutely nothing for anyone 16 or older though. If someone under 16 wants to get their booze on, they'll have to get it from someone older than they are. The non-human characters are free to get creative with what constitutes a hangover, and what would be considered alcohol to them.

Regardless of how much they choose to drink over the course of the event, they will be mysteriously hangover-free when it's over. However, everyone will remember what happened during the event, even if they should have been drunk enough to completely black out every memory of it.
Character: Santana Lopez
World: Glee
+ all the characters from the world 'Glee', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word/phrase 'Titans' is missing from their memories.

[ June 14th - 18th ] Salvio Hexia...Protego...Prior Incanto: Point Me to the kitchens
Translation?: Hogwarts AU event! See this post for more details!
Character: James Potter
World: Harry Potter
+ all the characters from the world 'Harry Potter', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word/phrase 'Marauder' is missing from their memories.

[ June 27th - July 3rd ] Naught that it is beyond my capabilities, mined U: Its just the singing & the buzzing & the constant chatter.
Translation?: The Mansion's residents will wake up on the first morning of the event to find that the garden has become the Garden, filled with talking flowers and some new species of insects such as bread-and-butterflies, snap-dragonflies, and rocking-horseflies. There is also a shy fawn and a caterpillar the width and length of a human forearm.

One the first day, these creatures (the Caterpillar notwithstanding) are their normal sizes and the Garden is simply a bit overgrown. But as the event progresses, the Garden will grow. It will invade the Mansion, growing into every room, every hallway, every corner, and with it will come its occupants. They'll also grow larger over the course of the event until, by the end, a rocking-horsefly is big enough to take a ride on and each of the flowers is the size of a human head, if not bigger. The only exception is the Fawn, who will remain fawn-sized, but increasingly less shy.

By the last days of the event, the Garden will be causing structural damage and its creatures will be more of an annoyance than a novelty. But on the morning of the July 4, eveyone will wake up to find that the encroaching Garden is gone! The regular old lower-case G garden outside is back to normal, but there is a giant chrysalis in the entrance hall, stretching from floor to ceiling and half blocking the front door.

That evening, just as it's getting dark, the chrysalis will burst open and hundreds of thousands of butterflies will emerge and escape through any egress they can find, only to burst into fireworks as they reach the sky.
Character: Everyone
World: Wonderland
+ No memories will be taken permanently for this event.

[ July 20th - 22nd ] You always do get into things: and I'm the one who ends up having trouble.
Translation?: Everyone in Wonderland awakens to discover that the mansion is absolutely bananas with babies. And not just any babies! These are baby versions of all the mansion's residents. They're called paradox clones and since each one is the exact same person as the older version, it is probably in everyone's best interests to keep these babies out of trouble!

Anything injurious that happens to the baby will happen to the older version of the character. If one of the paradox clones is running with scissors, falls, and gouges out an eye? The older version will lose an eye. No blood, no fuss--it's like the eye's been gone for years.

This extends to psychological problems as well. If a paradox clone is shut up in a closet for an extended period of time, the older version may suddenly develop a bad case of claustrophobia.

If a paradox clone dies, the older version of the character dies as well. This counts as a Mansion death.

All physical and psychological effects of the event will revert to normal at the event's end.
Character: John Egbert
World: Homestuck
+ all the characters from the world 'Homestuck', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'echeladder' is missing from their memories.

[ August 4th - 6th ] If we never had anything to do, we would be staring at the walls all the time, waiting for the wall paper to start moving about on its own: I imagine we'd all go terribly mad.
Translation?: Boredom is terrifying. For this event, everyone will be compelled to find something, anything interesting to do. This is manifest differently in everyone – some will be searching for something exciting to do, like something to hunt or someone to spar with, or anything that might give them that adrenaline rush. Others might be more intellectually inspired, trying find a puzzle or mystery to solve, or something to create, or maybe they'll attempt to read the entire library in one sitting. Others might be more promiscuous than normal, or more reckless, but everyone will be absolutely desperate to beat this boredom.

Even eating and sleeping aren't as important as escaping boredom. There will be people so engrossed in trying to keep themselves occupied that they are no longer properly taking care of themselves. And if anyone runs out of things to do, or can't find a way to escape that boredom, it could even lead to a complete mental breakdown.
Character: Sherlock Holmes
World: Sherlock
+ all the characters from the world 'Sherlock', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Gottle o' geer' is missing from their memories.

[ August 18th - 21st ] I have a heavy feeling in my paws: like a dark sun rolling through a dark sky.
Translation?: The mansion's been cursed! Beginning on the morning of the 18th, people with supernatural powers will start to feel weak. This weakness gets progressively worse throughout the day. By the 19th, all supernatural powers are unusable.

Outside, Wonderland looks like hell. The sky is dark, even when the sun is out. All around are huge patches of black and red roiling fog. Any mortal who touches it will be turned to stone until the curse is lifted; immortals will find themselves growing weaker as it feeds off of their life force. The water in the ocean and the fountain looks like poisonous sludge, and coming into contact with it has the same effect as touching the fog.

Over the course the event, the fog thickens and spreads steadily. By the 20th, it's infiltrated the Mansion, but reaches no higher than the first or second floor.

Being turned to stone or otherwise succumbing to the fog and/or water counts as a Mansion death.
Character: Amaterasu
World: Okami
+ all the characters from the world 'Okami', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'kutone' is missing from their memories.

[ August 31st – September 3rd] Anything but...but that! Not that!: nononononononono
Translation?: Throughout this event, H.O.U.N.D. gas is being leaked into the mansion. Clouds of "fog" will appear and disappear from various rooms and other areas. The gas is a chemical weapon used to cause fearful hallucinations, and breathing it in will cause people to have bouts of debilitating terror and visions. These visions will be either of past traumatizing experiences or of new nightmares, and the gas can even cause them to see what they would expect to see in the fog (for example, if someone tells them that there is a vicious dog running around in the fog, that suggestion can cause them to see a dog matching that description when they get caught in the gas themselves).

The gas will be hard to avoid, since it will move around very often and show up in random patches across the mansion. Reactions to the gas will vary from person to person, but long and repeated exposure to the gas makes people prone to defensive violence and causes them to lose all sense of reality.
Character: John Watson
World: Sherlock
+ all the characters from the world 'Sherlock', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Dartmoor' is missing from their memories.

[ September 15th - 19th ] Do you think now is the same as then?: Only if you can make it so.
Translation?: See this post for event details.
Character: Karkat Vantas
World: Homestuck
+ all the characters from the world 'Homestuck', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'furthest ring' is missing from their memories.

[ September 28th - October 1st ] People should just do what they feel like: Especially when the beds are this comfortable.
Translation?: Waking up on the 28th, characters will find that the Mansion has changed. It is now a three-story, Japanese love hotel. Rooms are equipped with huge mirrors, waterbeds, loveseats, an adjoining bathroom, and all the necessary (ahem) amenities. The lights are low and dim, and the color scheme of the rooms is dark pinks, reds, and purples. The number of rooms is limited, so find a roommate or roommates as needed. Besides the occasional bloodstain on the walls, the love hotel in itself seems innocent enough...for a love hotel.

Characters won't get much time to enjoy the setting initially, though. On the first day of the event, a mysterious voice echoes inside people's minds, urging them to give into temptation and instinct, and to act on their deepest and darkest desires: physical and visceral desires stemming from love, attraction, affection, and lust. Resisting this voice will bring clarity and rationality back to the person affected, although it may take quite some effort to fend off that inner voice completely. Only strength of will can keep it from creeping back into the mind.

All those who give into the the voice will act out their impulses innocently enough at first; they might ask someone out, write a love letter or two, or even confess their feelings to someone else. But as the event goes on, this supposedly innocent love will turn into full-blown lust, and these people will be without inhibitions, finding it very, very difficult to live or exist without the person they've deemed the object of their desires. They will do what they can to be with that person and show them just how much

All of the doors leading out of the Mansion are locked by an unknown force and none of the rooms have any windows, thus preventing anyone from leaving the love hotel. Like your privacy? Break some mirrors. Some mirrors upon closer inspection will have an odd sheen about them, and they won't actually reflect the person looking into them. Breaking them will release a black aura around the mirror that will remain for the duration of the event. Breaking affected mirrors in the vicinity of a person who's given in to the event's control will lessen the strength of the impulses that person is feeling. Who knows? Breaking all of the mirrors in the Mansion might even eradicate those impulses altogether.
Character: Arisato Minato
World: Persona 3
+ all the characters from the world 'Persona 3', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'Shirakawa Boulevard' is missing from their memories.

[ October 13th - 15th ] Do you think people ever get the wrong idea about us?: ......Nohow.
Translation?: Everyone gets the wrong impressions about people's interpersonal relationships. If characters are dating, people may assume they are just friends. If they are related, people may assume they are actually married. If they are just friends, they may be mistaken as a couple. Regardless of how many times someone tries to correct these assumptions, people will continue to make them.
Character: Sherlock Holmes
World: Sherlock
+ all the characters from the world 'Sherlock', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'meretricious' is missing from their memories.

[ November 10th - 13th ] Showing off, is that something anyone wants to see?: ... If I had any interest in learning of it, you never asked me.
Translation?: Everyone's character flaws are amplified, enough so to be diagnosed as a mental disorder. Someone who is organized and tidy might become obsessive-compulsive. Someone with a casual hobby may find they're addicted, then suffer from withdrawal if they're interrupted. Characters will experience this amplification for the duration of the event.
Character: Tara Gregson
World: United States of Tara
+ all the characters from the world 'United States of Tara', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'shed' is missing from their memories.

[ November 24th - 26th ] That's the ticket!: It suits me perfectly.
Translation?: When everyone wakes up on the morning the 24th, they will find their rooms turned into small versions of the planet they would be assigned if they were playing a game of SBURB. Planets all bear the names "Land of X and Y", where X and Y are two features of the planet, usually describing the physical attributes of the planet and often hinting at a theme related to the player and his or her role in the game (though these roles are not a part of this event).

For the purposes of the event, each character's Land is confined to his or her room, which has grown to the size of a small city on the inside (though the Mansion's actual dimensions outside of the bedrooms haven't changed at all). In addition to getting a Land of X and Y, everyone gets a few of their very own consorts-- creatures who expect an awful lot of a person and may worship the ground he/she walks on (or insult him/her, whichever).
Character: John Egbert
World: Homestuck
+ all the characters from the world 'Homestuck', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'denizen' is missing from their memories.

[ December 8th - 10th ] It would have to be some kind of fantastic adventure!: The kind of adventure that's just scary enough.
Translation?: See the plot post here for the full event details!
Character: Evelyn Carnahan
World: The Mummy
+ all the characters from the world 'The Mummy', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Hom Dai' is missing from their memories.