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+ bulletin board archive part 9 +

+ bulletin board archive part 9 +

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[ January 15th - 18th ] Who are all of you today?: That ought to be much more curious than some riddle.
Translation?: For this event, the mansion will become a dark, dingy tavern. It has two floors, the bottom being the main tavern and the upper floor has six bedrooms with one bed and one magic closet in each room for everyone to fight over, unless they don't mind sleeping on the floor or in the tavern somewhere. With the amount of people in Wonderland, everyone is cramped together and it will be very crowded. The closets will work, however they will only provide clothing and items from time periods long gone (though they do not seem to be bound to any particular time period. There are no employees to be found in the Tavern, but there's a working kitchen with a woodfire stove and enough food and drink for everyone to last the entire event comfortably. There's even a stage with musical instruments to entertain yourselves with! There's no electricity, but plenty of candles and lanterns around.

For the entire length of the event, it will be dark outside. In addition to the never-ending night, it will pour for four days straight, and it will all seem rather ominous once it becomes apparent the sun isn't coming out. Pretty much all signs will suggest that everyone should stay in the tavern and eat, drink, and be merry with their stupid new names. But it really is tight quarters, and some might be curious to see what else is out there. Maybe there's another place to stay out there, or something. Maybe the Beast Alice spoke of is out there.

However, it's very dangerous out in the woods. The farther away from the tavern someone wanders, the more lost they'll become. The rain will pour down harder, but if they listen carefully they'll hear a voice in the distance singing low and dark. One of three things will happen if a character ventures out in the woods.

1) If they turn around quickly (within 10-15 minutes) they may make it back to the Tavern safely, even if they lost others in the process. Others may attempt rescues as well, but the general rule is if a character is more than ten to fifteen minutes away from the tavern they will not survive.

2) They become horribly lost in the dark no matter how good they are at navigating normally, and they are left alone with their thoughts. The longer they're out in the woods, the more they'll lose hope that they'll ever find their way out again. And what's the point anyway? Even if they get out, it's not like they'll ever be able to leave Wonderland. Maybe they have regrets or reasons to believe they deserve to be in the woods. Dark thoughts will cloud their minds, and they'll start losing their will to go on.

3) They become horribly lost in the dark no matter how good they are at navigating normally, but if they're not consumed by dark thoughts (because they're more optimistic or have a stronger will) then they will last a little longer, but eventually the temperature will drop significantly. They're already soaking wet so they'll start to succumb to hypothermia from there.

Those who become lost will eventually be compelled to sit down at the base of a tree because they no longer have the strength to go on either mentally (#2) or physically (#3). They'll grow tired and after they've fallen asleep, oily roots will begin to grow around them, until eventually they become part of the tree they're laying against. As the tavern legend goes, "Once your will begins to spoil, he'll turn you to a tree of oil". If they become an Edelwood tree, it will count as a mansion death, and they will not revive until after the event ends.

Finally, for the duration of the event, no one will be able to use their names. If someone tries to say their own name or the name of someone else, a title will come out instead. That title can be an occupation (The Pie-Maker or The Butcher for example) or a title they've earned or been given (The Evil Queen perhaps, or The Boy Who Lived) or even just something that describes your character and defines them (The Basketcase or The Criminal Or any of the other Breakfast Club titles). Basically, if you can stick "the" in front of it and it still makes sense, then it works. If your characters already know each other then they can instinctively know what to call them, the way the would already know each other's names outside of the event, but if two characters don't know each other then they will only be able to introduce themselves with their titles. They have not forgotten their names, they are just unable to say them no matter how hard they try. This event wants to know who you are, and according to the memories this event came from, "who you are" is what you do, or what other people have defined you as. Titles are first-come first-serve, but multiples will be allowed – more details on that can be found here.

Character: Wirt
World: Over the Garden Wall
+ all the characters from the world ‘Over the Garden Wall’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Tavern' is missing from their memories.

[ February 5th - 9th ] I suppose people'll pay for anything: Even what can be seen...for free....
Translation?: Once again, the mansion has become a remote location in the woods, but this time the accomodations are significantly nicer. Welcome to the Mystery Shack Mansion! Normally it's just a shack in the woods that doubles as a tourist trap, but in order to accommodate the sheer amount of people who will be staying there for the duration of the event it's recevied several additions and countless more rooms and floors – think like another famous mystery tourist attraction. The first floor and attic are the same as it is in the show, however the secret basement will be missing. The kitchen will function the way the kitchen in the non-event mansion does and everyone's rooms will be furnished, but everyone's closets will only provide them with clothing. In exchange, everyone will wake up to find a wallet with about $200 American dollars inside. Congratulations, Wonderland! You temporarily have an economy!

Unfortunately, if anyone tries to take Gopher Road into town, it's just going to loop them right back to the Mystery Mansion, but there's a gift shop there if you're really aching to spend that money! You could also take a tour through the Mystery Museum and see all the strange, bizarre, and definitely real attractions inside. At the end of the event all of the money will vanish, but characters may keep any terrible over-priced souvenirs they bought.

There's also a forest that can be explored more thoroughly, and many strange and bizarre creatures to be found there – all of which will be expanded on in this post here. In Gravity Falls there are all sorts of weird and mysterious things to be found for those who go looking for them.

Character: Dipper Pines
World: Gravity Falls
+ all the characters from the world ‘Gravity Falls’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘tourist' is missing from their memories.

[ April 1st - 3rd ] 'Tis so much better to have them, but you'd barely know until they come off: no, dear, don't fiddle with it now, you'll cause a terrible scene...
Translation?: Through the duration of this event, characters will be able to switch their emotions on and off at will. Because some characters do already have a similar ability, characters who already came to Wonderland with this ability will find it to be acting somewhat haywire: whether it is that they cannot turn their emotions off at all, or simply that it flips back and forth without their control is up to you.

Without emotions turned on, most characters will be without any sort of conscience or empathy. It won't change their personality, but it will affect those aspects of their personality to some degree. They may still be good or kind out of habit, but they won't feel as strongly about it as they usually do. It will not turn anyone into a cold blooded killer, however, unless they were already likely to become one. They will simply feel less and care less.

While emotions are active, they will be felt intensely to a degree that is unrealistic and uncontrollable. It is unlikely to be a comfortable state for anyone, as characters may be volatile instead of angry, hysterical instead of sad, manic instead of happy. They may also simply get stuck dwelling on things that they feel strongly about, like fond memories, regrets or extreme guilt. Still, characters will feel a compulsion to want their emotions, as if they needed them in much the same way an addict might crave their next fix. The strength of this compulsion will be negligible for some, but near impossible to resist for others.

Finally, characters will be able to notice the change in their emotional state fairly quickly once the event starts, though some may pick up on it faster than others depending on how in touch they normally are with these things.

Character: Crowley
World: Supernatural
+ all the characters from the world ‘Supernatural’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘bollocks' is missing from their memories.

[ April 16th - 20th ] There might even be rioting in the streets: Though you probably won't have time with all the running and hiding you'll be doing.
Translation?: On the 16th, everyone will wake up to find that a fungus has started to spread on the first floor of the Mansion--the basement is already coated in it--and it quickly begins to release spores. When the spores are inhaled, the fungus begins to grow inside the living body, destroying the host's higher brain functions and thus their humanity.

Over the course of the event, the fungus will spread throughout the Mansion, but don't think it's any safer to be outside. Both inside and outside of the Mansion, there are infected waiting to strike and spread the fungus. They will attack any uninfected person on sight. Like in any zombie apocalypse worth its salt, the infection can be spread through bites as well as through breathing in the spores.

The infected start out in the basement, but by the second day of the event, they've started to spread out, coming in increasingly dangerous forms. Of course, anyone who comes into close contact with the infected become infected themselves, taking around 48 hours for the infection to take hold.

If that weren't bad enough, the closets aren't giving out much in the way of food or weapons. There's a limited amount of resources that have to be spread out over the five days of the event and shared by everyone. As the event stretches on, the closets give less and less when asked, until by the end of the event, they aren't spitting out even the smallest items.

So reinforce your doors, hunker down, and don't plan on getting much sleep!

Character: Ellie
World: The Last of Us
+ all the characters from the world ‘The Last of Us’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘walkman' is missing from their memories.

[ May 5th - 9th ] There in the depths of the earth they dwelled: Only good things, I hope!
Translation?: New tunnels have appeared by the checkerboard hills! Curious explorers will discover them to be entrances to the Deep Roads - a vast underground system of tunnels, once pride of the dwarven empire, now abandoned to monstrous creatures known as darkspawn. Their very presence corrupts all it touches, and contact with their blood (or other fluids) brings about the taint: A dangerous sickness which inflicts horrible pain, madness, and in most cases eventually death on those who contract it. Not to mention that darkspawn are far from the only dangers lurking in the depths...

So why go near, let alone into those tunnels at all? They may only intrigue on the first day, but the longer the event goes on, the more characters will feel the truth: Incredible riches and things of untold value wait in the darkness. Somewhere in the Deep Roads must be something which brings such great reward, that trying to obtain it is well worth the risk the journey entails.

Those who fear, resist, or disregard the call of treasures may spend the event in relative safety of the mansion. While the taint's corruption will slowly spread across the grounds come day two, the darkspawn and other creatures will largely remain underground, and attacks on the surface are far and few between. As for those who choose to brave the Deep Roads? Who knows what they might discover!

Character: Warden (Robyn) Cousland
World: Dragon Age
+ all the characters from the world ‘Dragon Age’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Anvil of the Void' is missing from their memories.

[ June 24th - 27th ] Treats or tricks, treats or tricks!: Wonder which one you'll pick.
Translation?: On the morning of the 24th, everyone will find that the mansion was inexplicably decorated for Halloween...sort of. The idea behind the decorations is mostly the same, except that every jack-o-lantern is made out of a watermelon instead of a pumpkin. No, this is SUMMERWEEN.

For the first day it will be harmless enough, just a change in décor and a little spooky summer fun. However, by the second day there will be sightings of the Summerween Trickster, a creepy fellow made entirely out of unpopular loser candy, and he is not happy. In the entrance hall, there will be a giant jack-o-melon container with a counter and a count-down clock ticking away to the end of the event.

Your job, Wonderland, is to trick-or-treat for your lives. You have until the end of the event to deliver one million pieces of candy to the jack-o-melon before the end of the event, to appease the Summerween Trickster.

What was that? You'll just sit this out and wait for the event to end? I wouldn't do that if I were you. You see, the Summerween Trickster could be lurking around any corner. If he catches someone not fully embracing the spirit of Summerween (refusing to trick or treat, not wearing a costume, etc), they will not survive the experience. The Trickster will kill them and swallow them whole, making them part of his horrible loser candy body.

More details about trick or treating can be found here.

Character: Dipper Pines
World: Gravity Falls
+ all the characters from the world ‘Gravity Falls’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘loser candy' is missing from their memories.

[ July 15th - 18th ] Sugar and spice and... puppy-dogs' tails?: That how it always used to go?
Translation?: Wonderland is enforcing rule 63! For the duration of this event all characters are suddenly genderswapped. This is also an AU event, so everyone will believe that they, and everyone they know, have always been this other gender, as well. For some characters the swap might change next to nothing, for others their lives might be pretty different because of it.

Character: Princess Bubblegum
World: Adventure Time
+ all the characters from the world ‘Adventure Time’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘fanfic' is missing from their memories.

[ August 5th - 9th ] What sort of power would you want, if you could pick--: --We should have never allowed them to live among us.
Translation?: For the duration of the event, Wonderland becomes the island of Genosha. This is an AU event, so everyone will believe that they have always lived on the island of Genosha, under their Queen's rule. Characters will be split into two groups – homo superior (Mutants) and homo sapien (Humans, or otherwise Non-Powered Characters). You will not be required to humanize your character, but they will still be considered in one category or the other (and for ease of explanation we'll be calling the second group Humans). On this island, Mutants are the dominant race, and Humans are considered lesser, often put down and placed in lower positions in society. There are some Humans who rebel against this idea, and even some Mutants who sympathize with the Humans.

Lately, Queen Heart has tried to increase the anti-Human sentiments. The media has been claiming humans are to blame for a recet string of violent crimes. The people of Genosha have been calling for action since then, for Her Majesty to deal with the Humans – to deport them before they destroy the city entirely. An Anti-Human Task Force has been set up by the government in an effort to keep the peace, and a group of Human rebels has cropped up in one of the more dangerous parts of the city – the Human Resistance Movement.

That is the world as everyone is convinced they've always known it when the event begins. Characters are welcome to be established as part of the Human Resistance or the Anti-Human Task Force. For the first two days everyone will believe this is the way life has always been. However, on day three a very small number of characters will begin to remember that this isn't what their life is. They'll remember Wonderland, and that this is probably an event, but no one around them will have the same realization. However, the spell of the event will slowly be broken through extended in-person contact with those who have already remembered Wonderland. If someone sticks it out and listens to them, they will eventually start to remember. This will continue through day three and four, until everyone remembers that these aren't their lives. For those two days though, they will still have their Mutant abilities, even if they can remember Wonderland.

Finally, Wonderland will remember too. On day five, Wonderland will seemingly return to normal and everyone will lose their Mutant abilities...unfortunately, this will also depower everyone completely for 24 hours – even people who had magical abilities and superpowers before the event. After that 24 hour period, Wonderland will straighten itself out and everyone who normally has powers will, and everyone who normally doesn't won't.

Character: Billy Kaplan
World: Marvel 616
+ all the characters from the world ‘Marvel 616’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘Mutant' is missing from their memories.

[ October 1st - 5th ] So teach us...things worth knowing, bring back what we've forgot...: Just do your best, we'll do the rest...and learn 'til our brains all...rot...
Translation?: Everyone are witches and wizards either attending or working at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! More details and sign-ups can be found here!

Character: Lily Potter
World: Harry Potter
+ all the characters from the world ‘Harry Potter’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘Muggle-born' is missing from their memories.

[October 21st - 25th] You must be very lonely, right?: It must be easy to feel lost here...
Translation?: For the duration of the event, Wonderland will become a different sort of land - Neverland. All characters will wake up on the famous island, but some will be...different. About half of the characters will still be themselves, at the age they're supposed to be and with their original memories (and memories of Wonderland). The other half -- specifically anyone who feels unloved, abandoned, isolated, or lost in some way -- will be AU'd to think they are residents of Neverland, the Lost Ones. They believe were once lured to Neverland by the sound of panflute music, and that this is the only place they will ever feel they belong. They want to stay and will fight anyone who tries to take them away. Anyone who lives in Neverland must be a child, and all Lost Ones will be deaged to be somewhere between 10-16.

The Lost Ones are a ruthless group of wild children and they are actually very dangerous, especially to adults. They are armed with weapons laced with dreamshade, a deadly poison that will spread quickly, and they are known to "play" far too rough. If someone is poisoned by dreamshade, whether by weapon or by falling into one of the many dreamshade bushes around the island, there is only one cure - a healing spring hidden near Dead Man's Peak. If they drink its water, they will be healed of all aches, pains, and suffering, but there's a catch. If they venture too far from the spring (about 100 yards) they will begin to die again, more rapidly than before. If they want to live, they must stay near the spring so they can periodically drink from it.

It will quickly become apparent why the Lost Ones are so rough and jaded - you have to be, to survive living in Neverland. Characters might wish to explore Skull Rock, but to do so they will have to travel by boat and face deadly mermaids who will wreck your ship. If you try to swim, they will sing sweet songs to lure you close before they try to drown you. Though, if you do manage to make it to Skull Rock, there is a very large hourglass hidden deep in the caves, with all of the sand at the bottom.

In Neverland it is always dark, and in that dark all will hear whispers, whether they are AU'd as Lost Ones or not. They may even start to see things, like long dead or forgotten loved ones from home, encouraging them to give in to temptation and cave to their darkest desires. Is there someone you want to kill or maim? There will be whispers in your ear, trying to keep you from resisting. Also, characters will be more prone to nightmares than usual, especially memories of loneliness or abandonment - especially if they are a Lost One. Characters might hear children crying in the night, if they listen closely.

For anyone who isn't AU'd, they will know that this is an event and that it will pass eventually, but for the Lost Ones this is their way of life, and they won't be letting anyone take them away or convince them otherwise. All they know is that there are suddenly adults on their island, and they need to go - by any means necessary.

Character: Henry Mills
World: Once Upon A Time
+ all the characters from the world ‘Once Upon a Time’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘dreamshade' is missing from their memories.

[ November 11th - 13th ] Your imagination can't hurt you!: ...Or can it?
Translation?: All characters will wake up in some part of a strange and labyrinthine world, which seems just a little too bright and a little too fuzzy to be real. They've entered their collective mindscape, where their worth will be tested, before they are allowed to leave again. Successful completion of one challenge will transport them to another part of the mindscape. Successful completion of three challenges will cause them to wake up in Wonderland's mansion again.

Challenges may be physical, mental, or both. Their solutions rely on elements of nonviolence, cooperation, and self-sacrifice. Characters will need to solve them in near isolation, as they will meet only one (at most two) other character(s) in each section of the mindscape. The catch: The worse people get along, the more likely it is that they will be stuck together during this event. Friends? Loved ones? Your character probably won't catch a glimpse of them, until their three challenges are done.

And that is not all! The challenges are designed to reveal a person's character, but there is another aspect of the event which will do just that: Animals are often used as metaphors to describe personality traits. Strong as an ox, the heart of a lion, slippery as a snake, and so on. For this event, whatever major personality trait your character has is illustrated by them turning into an animal that serves as a metaphor for that trait. These transformations will come and go, and it will vary from character to character how well (if at all) they are able to control them at will, and how deeply their animal brain takes over in their new form.

Characters' animal forms may hinder their progress through the mind maze, or they may be the very thing that enables them to proceed in the first place. Characters who complete three challenges and wake up in the mansion will still retain their animal form for the remainin duration of the event.

Character: Philip & Sirius Black
World: Penumbra & Harry Potter
+ all the characters from the worlds 'Penumbra' and ‘Harry Potter’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrases 'Physics' and ‘Transfiguration' are missing from their respective memories.

[ December 2nd - 5th ] It's getting a little hot in here, isn't it? It sucks the life right out of you.
Translation?: See this post for details!

Character: Faith Lehane
World: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
+ all the characters from the world ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Destroyer' is missing from their memories.