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[ ] Stay active. An opening post is required within the first week after the application is approved. A player must keep a new character active in the game for at least two weeks before an application for a second character will be considered for that player.

Activity checks happen every other month, so please keep your character active! Please take the time to read this post for more information on how our activity check is handled.

Please note that if there are legitimate complaints brought by other players to the mods about a character's activity, we may investigate and consider the character for purge regardless of if he or she has been passing activity checks.

[ ♣ ] No godmodding. You can not control another’s character by any means unless you have received permission from the other player. Even if your character’s canon makes them almost as powerful as a god, they do not have permission to hurt or kill other characters. Don’t make them perfect and exempt them from getting injured, outwitted, etc.

[ ] Stay In-Character. A character will change, evolve and adapt to the circumstances that they experience in the RP, but keep it in the boundaries of their established canon personality.

[ ♠ ] Respect others. This is pretty self-explanatory. There will be absolutely no tolerance for any type of discrimination.

[ ] Learn to differentiate OOC from IC. You are not your character. There will be squabbling between characters within the RP, but that does not mean the mun is personally attacking you. If you think this is the case, then approach a mod instead of potentially causing drama. Also, do not bleed OOC knowledge into your characters. Let them discover the mystery on their own.

[ ♣ ] Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Everyone has their own opinions. No one likes everyone. If you're going to complain, learn to do it tactfully or not at all. If it's a serious issue, instead of openly complaining about it, please use the inquiries if you can not get ahold of any of the moderators. But do not bring your OOC drama into the game. The mods frown upon drama.

[ ] Post in appropriate communities. Entranceway has several different communities, each with their own particular function:
[community profile] entranceway is used for IC network and action posts, as well as by the mods for announcements and event posts.
[community profile] entrancelogs is where all action and prose logs should be posted.
[community profile] entranceooc is for intro posts, hiatus notices, and smaller, player-brainstormed events.
[community profile] entranceworks is used for fanworks and memes.
[community profile] mirroruniverse is for all IC posts that occur on the Mansion's mirrorside; note that this is an optional community (not everyone is required to create a mirror).

[ ♠ ] Tag the posts and logs you participate in. Every member can create and add tags in all Entranceway communities, and every player is responsible for adding tags to the entries and replies made by their own character(s).

Our tagging schemes uses canon name: character name (e.g. harry potter: severus snape) for entries and replies made by Real characters, and mirror: character name (e.g. mirror: severus snape) for posts and replies by Mirror characters.

[ ] Please read the FAQ. It will give you a better understanding of some of the ooc reasons why things happen in the game.

[ ♣ ] The character limit for this RP is 6 characters per person.

[ ] This is a multifandom RPG. Try to break out of your canons and interact with characters from another series. We will not be accepting original characters in this RP.