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Name:[ en ] tranceway . m . o . d . s.

a multifandom community-based RP


There are many, many worlds out there. They float between time and space, whirling around each other in chaotic patterns. They're the scattered pieces of an eldritch puzzle that never stop moving, trying to find harmony and wholeness again. Most worlds go on and on never knowing about their dancing partners, never knowing where they came from or where they're going. But one world is different. This world is lonely. This world is hungry.

When this world comes too close to another, it tries to put itself back together by grabbing at what it can. And what it takes, it uses, drains, reshapes it, and makes it part of itself again.

What it takes is you.

But it won't just change you. It won't just open up your mind and stroll among your memories. Oh no. This world goes a step further: it rebuilds itself around what you know, what you've experienced, what you are. It changes the world around you and the people you talk to, and it can even change you yourself. And every time it does, it steals a piece of your life that you'll never see again.

Where do those pieces of you go? This world will never tell you, and neither will its children, who look at you from the mirrors and then smile at your back when you turn away.

These Mirror images serve a Queen in red, and they have their own agenda, just like the world that made them. They watch you through the glass and laugh every time you wake up to find yourself someone or something else.

Don't bother looking in the mirrors for them, though. You won't see them.

Just know that they're always there.

And they're always watching.


Name: Koji [[personal profile] losers_day]
Email: timefortags [at] gmail [dot] com
Discord: goodhotcocoa#2567
Plurk: on request

Name: Kristen [[personal profile] ondistantshores]
Email: euthyphro.erred [at] gmail [dot] com
Discord: euthyphro.erred#9490
Plurk: n/a

Name: Mouette [[personal profile] yourfuckingmuse]
Email: lamouettelunaire [at] gmail [dot] com
Discord: pimpfox#2740
Plurk: [ profile] sithrak

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