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+ reserved characters +

+ reserved characters +

These characters are reserved. Please don't apply for the following characters until they're taken off the list. Reservations last for a week, marked with the expiring date beside it. However, if you'd like to have an extension on your reserve (as marked by a [*]) then you must give a plausible reason as to why you need the extension. Extended reservations last for two weeks instead of the normal one. Thanks~ ♥

The reserve will take effect from the moment a mod gets back to your comment. ♥ You'll also be notified if your reserve has expired, when you may wish to renew it. If you do not respond to the notification of your reserve expiring within three days, your reserve will be removed.

There are two ways to reserve a character:
a) Respond to this entry.
b) Poke a mod on AIM.

Reply with the character name, series name, and the journal username you'd like it to be reserved under.

+ Reserve Form +

Please avoid carrying on long conversation threads on the reserves made here. That's what PMs, private journals, Plurk, and AIM are for. The mods have absolutely no problems with "yay yes please app here omg :D" replies to new reserves, but please keep things brief.

DC Comics
[personal profile] mirror_soldier | Thaddeus Thawne II [October 25]*

* = extended reserve
† = extension pending
^ = application pending