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+ activity policy +

+ activity policy +

+ Current Valid Activity Period +
Tuesday, August 1 - Saturday, September 30

+ Next Activity Check +
Sunday, September 24 - Saturday, September 30

[ ] How often is the activity check?
The activity check takes place during the last week every other month. The valid activity period encompasses the two months that precede and include each activity check.

[ ♣ ] Hiatuses and the activity check
Activity checks are mandatory, even if you are on hiatus. However, if you have taken a hiatus during the valid activity period, you do not need to prove the full amount of activity required. In order to qualify for a lesser amount of activity, you need to have commented to the hiatus post when your hiatus began. Here are the expectations for the amount of activity you are responsible for proving based on the length of your hiatus:
    • 1-15 days - all activity requirements
    • 16-30 days - 1 open post and 2 threads
    • 31-45 days - 1 open post or 2 threads
    • 46-60 days - none
The number of days is cumulative, so for example, if you take two week-long hiatuses during the valid activity period, that counts as 14 days total, and you would need to supply activity accordingly. Keep in mind that 8 weeks or two months is the maximum length a hiatus can be in this game.

Because the activity check occurs at regular intervals, if you are not going to be able to respond to the check when it begins, you are responsible for contacting the moderators ahead of time in order to avoid having your character(s) purged.

A final note on hiatuses: a significant amount of tagging done during a declared hiatus may make your hiatus ineligible for consideration in terms of how much activity you owe during the check.

[ ] How to pass the activity check
To pass the activity check, you must fulfill the requirements listed below during the valid activity period (given at the top of this page).

Note that special rules apply during the week of the activity check itself, which is always the last 7 days of the second month of the valid activity period. Posts, logs, and threads that are started during the check do not count toward meeting the activity check requirements. However, threads of all kinds that are started before the activity check and continue through it are valid for the activity check. This rule allows players who are short on tags at the beginning of the check some breathing room to catch up before the check ends.

Finally, in order to be valid for the activity check, all activity must take place in one of Entranceway's communities ([community profile] entranceway, [community profile] entrancelogs, or [community profile] mirroruniverse). Activity in character journals (e.g. IC inboxes and character contact posts), memes, or museboxes does not count for the activity check.

[ ♠ ] Required forms of activity
For our activity check, we require both of the following types of activity over the course of the entire valid activity period:
    1. One open entry. This can be either a network post in [community profile] entranceway, an action log in [community profile] entrancelogs that is open to all characters in the game, or a top level thread in a general mingle post/log that is open to all characters in the game. A significant number of dropped threads on your character's part may disqualify a post/log from counting for the activity check. Note that the threads in your open entry can not be used to meet the thread requirement, regardless of the total number of tags you end up with.

    2. 4 threads in other people's posts or logs (including closed logs), each started during the valid activity period, and each with at least 7 comments by your character. If you are cumulatively 1-3 tags short of the required total, you may supplement 1 thread with a minimum of 5 tags by your character.
The point of requiring an open entry of some sort is to show that you are making your character(s) available to the entire game. The point of the threads in other people's posts is to show your own effort at tagging out.

Note that for both types of activity, the format/style of posts, logs, and threads does not matter. Prose, action, brackets, and whatever else are all counted equally.

[ ] Requirements for new characters
Characters accepted within the two weeks prior to the activity check's start do not need to post activity, but should respond to the activity check post to check in.

Players of characters accepted earlier than this must demonstrate activity based on the number of days the character has been in the game (starting from the day after date of application approval). Use these guidelines to determine how much activity is required for new characters:
    • 46 or more days - all activity requirements
    • 31-45 days - 1 open post and 2 threads
    • 16-30 days - 1 open post or 2 threads
    • 1-15 days - none
If you are unclear on how long your character has been in the game, you can check the Application page for the date stamp on the Approval notification.

[ ♣ ] Mirror characters
1 of the required threads for any character may consist of activity by the character's Mirror. The normal rules for threads apply to these threads: there must be at least 7 comments from the Mirror, and the thread must be on another character's post, log, or open top-level comment. The thread may be on entries in any of the IC communities.

[ ] Failing the activity check
Anyone unable to pass the activity check will be considered for purge. Purge is not automatic, so these players should contact the moderator in charge of the check. If there are any exceptional circumstances that would keep someone from posting for an extended period of time, please contact the activity moderator to explain the situation, and it will be taken into account for activity purposes.

[ ♠ ] Re-apping characters that are purged
All characters purged at the end of the activity check can be re-apped to the game! A re-app for a character who has never been canon updated consists of the original application with new third and first person samples. For characters who have been canon updated or are being canon updated as of the re-app, the history section of the application will need to be updated accordingly, in addition to new third and first person samples.

If a character is re-apped within 30 days of being purged, he or she may retain all memories of Wonderland from the previous stay. If the re-app is recieved within 1 week of the end of the activity check (i.e. the first week of the month), the character does not have to leave Wonderland at all, so there will be no disruption to the character's stay or CR.

If a character fails the activity check three times in a row, the player must wait a full activity period (two months) before reapping that character or any other new character.

[ ] Activity check contact mod
The mod to contact for all things related to the activity check is Kristen. She can be reached by email at euthyphro.erred [at] gmail [dot] com or via a PM to the mod account.