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+ input & inquiries +

+ input & inquiries +

This is an all-purpose post for getting in touch with the mods that provides an alternative to PM, IM, Plurk, or email. It can be used by members of Entranceway and non-members alike for questions, comments, problems, and suggestions!

Here are the types of things that this post is meant for:

+ Suggestions +
Events that don't quite fit your character, but that you want to see happen anyway.
Ideas to make gameplay run more smoothly.
Idea out for how Entranceway can draw in new players.

+ Questions +
Topics not addressed on the FAQ page.
Questions that are character- or canon-specific.
Questions about the setting and plot.
Questions about app requirements that aren't addressed on the application page.

Depending on the nature of the question, we may or may not be able to answer, especially if it's plot-based. This is to prevent ooc knowledge from leaking too much into the characters and to also keep the players on their toes. Others, though, we'll answer to the best of our abilities. ♥

+ Problems +
We'd prefer it that you poke us on AIM or Plurk so we can deal with it immediately, but there are times when there are time conflicts and things, right? So please comment here with the problem, and we'll deal with as fast as we can.

+ Other +
There are no doubt going to be occasional questions, concerns, and comments that don't fall under the three categories above (e.g. praise, reaction .gifs, singing and lute-playing). Please feel free to use this post for those as well.

All comments will be screened and anonymous commenting is also allowed. Some comments will be unscreened and left both for future reference and the sake of transparency. Other comments may be left screened, if they are of a delicate or personal nature.

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