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+ drop post +

+ drop post +

Need to leave the game or drop a character? No problem! Please comment to this post with the username of the character you're dropping to let us know who needs to be removed from the lists. Comments are screened for your privacy.

For player reference, the list below will provide the 10 most recently dropped characters. This is so everyone will be able to do their "oh no my love/friend/mom is gone!!! :C" posts in a timely manner, especially when dealing with stealth drops.

+ Recently Dropped Characters +

CharacterSeriesDrop Date
Jane FosterMarvel Cinematic UniverseJune 12
Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VIIJune 14
HadrianFriends at the TableJune 19
Grant WardMarvel Cinematic UniverseJune 22
Iris WestThe FlashJune 23
Stefan SalvatoreThe Vampire DiariesJune 29
Eobard ThawneLegends of TomorrowJuly 4
Munehisa IwaiPersona 5July 13
Billy CranstonPower RangersJuly 14
Claire BennetHeroesJuly 20