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♥ 2017 ♥

[ January 13th - 16th ] We reflect on the actions of the past: We can't let go.
Translation?: For the duration of this event, Wonderland will be turned into a lush, expansive oasis in the middle of a desert. Upon waking up at the outskirts of the jungle in small, outdated encampments in similarly outdated clothes, residents will learn that their only supplies and sustenance for the next four days are in the rucksack in their possession. For the duration of the event, there is no network and there are no communicators. In the center of the oasis is a pyramid, topped with an enormous jewel that catches the sun to wink at those from afar, and it seems the best course of action to approach it, a much better chance of survival than the scorching sands at everyone’s backs.

At first glance the jungle may seem a reprieve, an adventurous vacation of sorts, but after a day’s walk deeper into its rich foliage the plants are thicker, the half-beaten paths flanked with bodies strung up in the trees: remnants of Roman legionnaires and Napoleonic soldiers, centuries of failed quests by multiple conquerors. Trees are pitted with skulls and the nights are unfathomably dark, any wildlife largely disappearing from the jungles by the second evening.

The third day is punctuated with sporadic lightning storms, and anyone who has not yet reached the pyramid in the center of the oasis will be driven there by the local natives who, while not completely indestructible, are undead, bloodthirsty and persistent. They will begin to crawl out of the trees with the intention of leaving no survivors, but cannot approach the perimeter of the pyramid.

The pyramid is a safe haven from the nightmares outside, but not from those within. Over the course of the event characters will have been having strange dreams, of themselves in another life in ancient times. These dreams will become waking visions and hallucinations as the event progresses through the second and third days, culminating in the inability to distinguish oneself from the past self on the eve of the last day. (It is not necessary that everyone’s past self visions/dreams match up with each other, as their purpose is to discombobulate and confuse, but it isn’t discouraged, either!)

Character: Evelyn O'Connell
World: The Mummy
+ all the characters from the world ‘The Mummy Returns’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word ‘Oasis' is missing from their memories.

[ February 4th - 8th ] Well, there's always the chance to try again: Just breathe
Translation?: At the start of the event, characters might take notice of a soft sound that ripples through the rooms: it's the sound of a vacuum seal forming around the edges of every door. The halls and public areas of the mansion have flooded overnight, and the sealed rooms are the only source of air. It would all be safe enough, but the airtight nature of the rooms means that breathable oxygen is at a premium. Each room only contains eight hours of air; from then, characters will need to move to the next room or simply suffocate. Some strategy will be involved in staying alive. Do you take refuge with others even if it uses the air up faster? Do you find buddies and sleep in shifts to keep from passing out and dying? What do you do if you have normal lung capacity, it's the second day of the event, you're on the fourth floor, and you need to get to the kitchen?

Not rely on the closets for help, that's for sure. They aren't working at all.

After three days of this, the flood drains on its own. Characters are free to return to their rooms and complain about water damage. Those who drowned or suffocated will revive at this point (this is a freebie - no mansion deaths for this part of the event!), but they'll experience some lingering adverse effects. Though their bodies are fine, they still suffer some damage from prolonged oxygen deprivation. Speech will be a challenge. There's nothing wrong with their logic or thought processes, but something disconnects upon expressing them. They'll be stuck in a loop of word salad, attempts at conversation rendered garbled and unintelligible.

While all of this is going on, characters are also experiencing "resets." Ever few hours (how long is up to the player), a character feels a sort of snagging, jolting feeling as time restarts and they go through the motions of the last several hours again. Think of it as Groundhog Day on a shorter loop. Characters will be aware that something is wrong with time, that events seem to be playing over and over, and that people are saying the same things. However, they won't be able to remember everything--the degree to which they remember the time loops is up to the player.

Characters with time-related abilities lose those powers for the duration of the event. Because no one character will remember everything, characters should feel free to compare notes, try to figure out what's happening, and even try to stop it. Reactions to the resets will, of course, vary from breaking down to resignation to determination to fix it.

Character: Sans and Leo Fitz
World: Undertale and Marvel Cinematic Universe
+ all the characters from the worlds ‘Undertale’ and 'Marvel Cinematic Universe', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The words 'time loop' and 'monkey' are missing from their respective memories.

[ February 17th - 20th ] I'd highly recommend a nap, or two, or twelve: You might learn something in there...
Translation?: Over the course of the event, characters will find themselves falling asleep at random moments of the day, spacing out only to find themselves in a dream moments later. Whenever this happens, characters will find themselves in visions or nightmares. The content is entirely up to you, but must be something that would have some significance to the character, whether literally or metaphorically. They will likely be about a character's true feelings about a matter, or their hidden fears.

Either way, these dreams are trying to tell you something - something that you've buried, willfully ignored, or flat out just haven't realized about yourself. Within their dreams, they will meet people (from Wonderland) who represent their subconscious. These people will have uncanny knowledge of the dreamer's most inner thoughts: fears, desires, guilt, regrets, even their private thoughts of what they imagine their future to be like - and they will absolutely want to shove it in the dreamer's face, as though these repressed thoughts and feelings are rising to the surface.

OOCly, people will be able to play either awake in Wonderland or as versions of their characters within someone else's dream, taunting them with their subconscious thoughts and feelings. They will mostly be themselves, aside from the knowledge of what's going on in the dreamer's head. It's possible the dreamer might not even realize it's a dream at first, but it's equally possible that a character within someone's dream can be twisted or altered in some way if it helps them better deliver their message. They can even do standard nightmare things, like completely breaking the laws of physics or appearing and disappearing as needed.

Characters will feel sufficiently rested from these dreams, even if they don't like the content - which is good, because caffeine and all other stimulants one would use to keep themselves awake will be rendered completely ineffective.

Character: Max Caulfield
World: Life is Strange
+ all the characters from the world ‘Life is Strange’ upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'blue' is missing from their memories.

[ March 10th - 14th ] Thinking about never growing up, about remaining this age forever and ever fills me with...: ...well, it fills me with something.
Translation?: This event begins inside a dark laboratory. It is two floors deep, and the second floor is sealed by a door that requires four keys to open. Where are those keys? You'll have to either search for them the old fashioned way or solve a set of color matching puzzles to reveal their locations! If you manage to find and unlock the door, you will be able to access the second level of the laboratory, though the door will lock behind you. The keys will respawn for anyone else who needs to unlock the door.

In addition to this, some adults will find that they are now suddenly children! They will still have their adult minds and all of their memories, but they will mysteriously be in the body of a child or teenager. At first it's all fun and games, but something They may have the sensation that everything is fake, or the feeling that they're somehow in two places at once. The reason for this is because these child bodies are not their real bodies – think of them as clones that they're possessing for the time being. Some might try and ignore this feeling and others might take the underlying sense of doom as a sign that they should probably try to find their real bodies soon.

The lab actually seems to be two different laboratories put together. The first floor is spacious with many living areas in addition to all of the strange machines and science equipment – you'll even find beds and refrigerators! That being said, it isn't exactly the homiest place. Everything has a dark green color scheme, and the lab is full of fog. Plus, there are strange creatures roaming around called Amalgamates, which appear to be monsters cobbled together into new monsters. They cannot be killed and do not take any damage, but if you find a way to show them MERCY you will be able to defeat them – they may even drop one of the keys if you find them near a key location.

On that floor is also a room containing a mysterious machine – a DT extractor, which can be used to extract a person's determination. I wouldn't play with it if I were you, unless you want to end up with too much or too little determination.

The second floor, heading downward, is more purple-ish than green. There's an entire wall of weapons, though they won't help against the Amalgamates. This area is wider and more spacious, because it's filled with dozens of vats containing various people in the mansion suspended in mysterious science goo. This is where the real bodies of all the adults who were turned into children are! All you have to do to put yourself back in your body is break yourself out of the goo, and attach yourself to your body via the temples with conveniently located electrodes (think of it like jumping a car, except your life depends on it)!  Characters will instantly wake up back in their real bodies, probably fatigued and disoriented, leaving the empty shell of their child self behind.

The longer you're a child, the more your mind will be overridden by the thoughts and feelings of your younger self. For example, a teenager might be more hormonal or prone to mood swings, or if you were shy as a child but grew out of it, you might become shy once again. This will also make you worse at decision-making in general – especially if you're electing to stay a child. Humans can only live so long in suspended animation, and if you do not break your body out and return your psyche to that body before the event ends, you will die. That sense that something bad is happening, that ? That's the feeling that your real body slowly dying in that vat.

Character: Alphys AND Rick Sanchez
World: Undertale AND Rick and Morty
+ all the characters from the worlds ‘Undertale’ AND 'Rick ad Morty' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The words 'True Lab' and 'clone' are missing from their respective memories.

[ April 1st - 4th ] Which one is truly your favourite: You ought to pick one, it's only fair
Translation?: The Citadel is a massive space station - the most important and most trafficked one in the galaxy. It’s where the Council, the highest seat of government, deliberates between races for resources and on matters of peace and war. Thousands of people live and work on the station, from its private security force, C-Sec, to workers at Huerta Memorial Hospital, to banks, restaurants, clubs, and shops. If you’re looking for it, it’s most likely on the Citadel. And for four days, all of Wonderland will become part of it!

Once the event begins, all characters will find themselves on the Citadel space station, populated heavily by all sorts of NPCs, alien and human alike. In place of their communication devices they will have received an Omni Tool, and a bunch of credits to spend on whatever they want. They could explore the Silversun Strip and win a bunch of prizes at the arcade, head to one of the skeevy bars in the Wards and get a lap dance from an alien, or even get arrested by C-Sec for trying to swan dive into the reservoir lake in the Presidum. They could even do something as simple as going to one of the docking stations where the ships leave and arrive and just look at the stars.

This is not an AU, so characters can simply explore the environment freely for the entire duration of their space vacation. See this post for links and descriptions of the setting.

Character: Commander “Jane” Shepard
World: Mass Effect
+ all the characters from the world ‘Mass Effect' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Presidium' is missing from their memories.

[ April 21st - 24th ] Is something off?: Is someone gone?
Translation?: The event would start with a perfectly normal day in Wonderland... if it didn't seem that things are just a little off. Characters can't shake the feeling something is watching them. Maybe they hear footsteps, feathers ruffling, or other unseen things moving around, somewhere in the distance. Maybe things are suddenly misplaced, too. That last bite of their food is gone before they know it, the book they left on the nightstand is on the floor when they look back; nothing major, but those little things do create a sense of unease.

If they need a culprit, then they might want to look towards the strange shimmers scattered across Wonderland: Lights in a variety of colours, mid-air in various heights and places. Step closer, and characters will hear faint voices and songs emanating from them; familiar, yet too indistinct to make out. Step closer, and the shimmering lights will even look like... small tears?

The second day confirms that last suspicion, when the lights expand, revealing them for the tears they are. Once grown they allow characters small glimpses into other worlds: Yesterday's songs will sound clearer, and the voices will become decidedly familiar, belonging to people they know, sounding perhaps even like the characters themselves. Look through the tears and they may catch sight of home, or something that merely looks like another part of Wonderland. The tears are yet narrow though, and the field of vision is correspondingly poor.

Of course it's intriguing to investigate as closely as possible, but characters may find that they have bigger problems to worry about: On that second day the real culprits of yesterday's strangeness will make their appearance... or lack thereof. For this day Wonderland's people will be attacked by-- invisible animals?! Claws, flapping wings, hisses and growls, it's all there! Dogs, cats, maybe a bear or two -- and definitely one alligator -- are all proving much harder to fight off if they can't be seen... and seem surprisingly resilient to most kinds of damage, as far as anyone can tell.

Thankfully the attacks subside by evening, leaving way to peace, quiet, and even bigger tears on the third day. What some characters may have suspected has now become obvious: The tears are windows into alternate universes, showing characters different versions of themselves and their worlds (both at home and in Wonderland). This could be something as benign as another version of the mansion where they're simply drinking coffee instead of tea, or something as drastic as their entire personality and home being completely different from what they know. Characters can watch, listen, but they cannot interact with the worlds beyond... save for the ones past the biggest tears, through which a choice few might be able to pull an object or two within reach.

And if a character is especially lucky, then that object might serve as a weapon, guarding them just in time before the invisible zombies attack. --Wait, what now?! That's right, you heard me, invisible zombies. Everywhere! Invisible people, and as opposed to the prior day's animals their nature is obvious, thanks to the telltale growls, and their disposition towards ravenous biting. No longer accompanied by their invisible animal counterparts, and susceptible to being dispatched in typical zombie fashion, but quite the nuisance all the same. And this time the evening does not bring an end to the invisible zombie madness.

The fourth and last day of the event, however, will offer one alternative to fighting the unseen horde: An escape through the tears! Several of them are now big and stable enough that characters can actually cross into the alternate worlds beyond them. No invisible zombies will follow them through, although there is no telling if the universe they just entered will be a welcome respite, or the burning fire after the frying pan...

Character: Jolyne Kujo and Elizabeth Comstock
World: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Bioshock Infinite
+ all the characters from the worlds ‘Jojo's Bizarre Adventure’ and 'Bioshock Infinite', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The words 'spiral staircase' and 'infinite' are missing from their respective memories.

[ June 2nd - 4th ] This is just what we need right now: a good old-fashioned snow day.
Translation?: For the duration of the event, all of Wonderland will be a sprawling country ski resort. Everyone can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, or just keep warm inside with a nice drink. The inn is small, though, so rooms will need to have at minimum two occupants.

Although the morning of the third day starts out clear, by midday there's a full blown snow storm on. With zero visibility, anyone left outside will get hopelessly lost. If they're lucky enough to come across shelter, they should stay there, and the chances of finding shelter are higher for those who are lost in pairs (especially romantically-inclined pairs). The storm clears up during the night and Wonderland returns to normal shortly afterward.

Character: Seta Souji
World: Persona 4
+ all the characters from the world ‘Persona 4’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase ‘ghost story' is missing from their memories.

[ June 23rd - 27th ] A perfect angles in the exit: glass allll the way back....
Translation?: You, fair Wonderlandians, have been charged with a QUEST!

Upon waking, everyone will notice two things right away. The first is that the mansion is gone, as is most of Wonderland. Instead, everyone will find themselves somewhere in a deep, dark, foggy cavern. The cavern is full of odd holes that...almost person-shaped? That's weird, but weirder still are the broken drills here and there. The entire place looks abandoned, and no matter how far you walk in any direction, there's no way out. The walls are too high to scale.

The second, is that there is a very good chance that you do not look or feel like yourself. Instead, you will be a Dungeons Dungeons and More Dungeons race (human, elf, half-orc, gnome, etc) and have a Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons Class (Barbarian, Bard, Rogue, etc.) – or as some universes know it, Dungeons and Dragons. For some this might only come with a change of clothing. Others might find themselves several feet taller or shorter, or sudenly with pointy ears! Either way though, this is not an AU – characters will be aware that this is not how they always were. Characters who are already from a canon based around D&D may have their races and class swapped if the player wishes. Each cahracter will also receive an unusually shaped backpack with one random useful item inside...probably. You'll see what we mean.

So now that you know your new class and race (which you will, instinctively), you can put those new abilities to the test against the monsters of the kindergarten! They come in two kinds. The first are Corrupted Gems, which come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and difficulty levels. Once upon a time they used to be gems, but became corrupted and violent. The other kind are Cluster Gems, which are much more horrifying in nature. These are gems that were shattered and then forced together in horrific fusion experiments, leaving them worse off than the Corrupted Gems, but much more dangerous. Both kinds can either be shattered and killed (the weak point being a gem somewhere on their bodies), or they can be “poofed” - essentially knocking them out and disrupting their form enough to leave just the unshattered gem behind. From there anyone, regardless of class or race, will be able to bubble gems and send them somewhere safe if they want to. Or they can murder them and level grind – it's up to you.

Or at least, most of it is. The rest is left up to OOC dice rolling! Before your character take any action, you must roll a 20-sided die (or or use a generator) to determine how successful your character is at anything they attempt. Their fights will somehow feel more obviously turn-based, and outcomes feel a little more random (or do they? Maybe you need to roll an insight check to see if your character notices anything unusual...)

Character: Dipper Pines and Peridot
World: Gravity Falls and Steven Universe
+ all the characters from the worlds ‘Gravity Falls’ and 'Steven Universe', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrases ‘Probabilator' and 'beta' are missing from their respective memories.

[ July 14th - 17th ] They're coming!: There's nothing to be done now. Best to come down and find a place to hide.
Translation?: At the start of the event, everyone wakes up in the community of Alexandria. It's your typical suburban neighborhood with perfect houses, white picket fences, and it's even gated. Just behind the community is a rock quarry and it's filled with the undead as they shuffle over cliffs.

What was that? The undead?

Why, yes. That's right. Now where was I?

The only exits to the quarry are blocked by semi-trucks but unfortunately, the horde becomes large enough that one truck topples. That means they're coming. Right toward Alexandria. And the walls of Alexandria will not hold; they can't against that many walkers.

The schedule goes something like this:

    Day 1: Everyone wakes up in a nice little suburban house but there's definite awareness that this is a Wonderland event. The closets still function like normal, but the only things available are weapons, minus guns and ammo. There's no getting food either. Any stockpiles of supplies people had will still be there, but once they run out, they run out.

    Day 2: A few walkers begin to congregate at the gates of Alexandria. Nothing the residents can't handle. People are even free to leave Alexandria and perhaps discover the massive horde of walkers that's on its way, but there's nothing anyone can do about them except prepare for their arrival as best they can.

    Day 3:The walkers arrive, the walls fall, and chaos ensues. It's a full day of fighting, a full day of fear and hiding. The houses will offer some protection but the hoard has a herd mentality, and when they hear something, they congregate toward that noise. If people want to hide, they can try. If people want to fight, the closets will give out unlimited knives, axes, bats, and swords. The closets will not give any guns or ammunition. Just like in the real world, once the bullets are gone, they're gone. Ammo is precious. If someone is bitten, how long it takes for them to die is up to the player. It can be as fast as 10-20 minutes or as long as 2-3 days. As with all zombies, only a head shot will do, and all deaths, whether it's becoming a zombie or being mercy killed, is a Mansion death.

    Day 4: The aftermath. For your viewing pleasure, the event isn't quite over, and everyone gets to live with the grisly reality of bodies everywhere, some of which probably belong to good friends. But at midnight, the event ends and everything goes back to normal.

Character: Michonne
World: The Walking Dead
+ all the characters from the world ‘The Walking Dead’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Virginia' is missing from their memories.

[ August 4th - 8th ] Heavy is the head that knows the truth: make sure 'tis not too much to bear!
Translation?: This is an AU event! And there aren't gonna be any zombies, so long as no one fucks up: Welcome to the Republican National Convention! This year held held in the Wonderland Convention Center. There are many roles you can take in this event. You can be a politician, hoping to secure your nomination for president; or maybe you're just here to try and push your campaign for a different position. Maybe you're a security guard, here to keep everyone safe. Maybe you're just a normal civilian here to attend one of the few actual in-person events that still happens post-Rising, or someone here to sell your wares (cigarettes are very popular, now that cancer's not a threat anymore) during the biggest party this year.

Or, you could be part of the media.

Traditional media still exists, sure, but the real stars are the bloggers. Are you a Newsie, who reports the facts as accurately as possible, trying to keep as much opinion from coloring them as possible? Or an Irwin, doing dumb, dangerous stunts for the entertainment of the masses. Maybe you're a Fictional, keeping everyone distracted from their troubles with stories and poems. There are other options too... Stewarts who take in facts and share their opinions, Aunties who share recipes and crafts, or some other kind of blogger, with some other kind of site. The choice is yours.

It's important to note that this isn't a zombie event, since Newsflesh is not a zombie story. There will be no zombie NPCs. That being said, everyone will, for the course of the event, have the Kellis-Amberlee virus crawling around inside them and if they die, they will reanimate as a zombie, unless they're under 40 pounds.

However, the Wonderland Convention Center has state-of-the-art security, so if people are careless enough to die, they'll be taken care of quickly. To get into the building from outside, you need to take a blood test. To get out of your room, you need a blood test. To access the elevator, stairs, dining room, any other public room where you'll be in contact with other people, you're taking a blood test. Security might demand a random blood test if they have any suspicion of your viral load reaching critical levels (aka. "going into amplification"), and if you like not having a bullet in your head, you should take it. You'll also be expected to shower daily, especially after leaving the premises, and part of that shower is being bathed in bleach for at least 15 seconds. Hope you like that stylish streaks of bleached hair look that's so common! Or brought hairdye. At least there's plenty of moisturizer to counter the effects.

Any trace of contamination on your skin has to be thoroughly destroyed. If you happen to bleed or get any other body fluids anywhere, there's a contamination risk and anything that's gotten blood on it better be sterilized immediately. Really, everything should be sterilized as often as possible, or even just thrown away if it can't survive the process. For everyone's safety, you understand.

And if a blood test comes back negative, well, everyone knows enough about zombies to know what that means. Doors won't open for you, since we wish to ensure the safety of everyone here, and security will be here momentarily to take you down with a nice, clean headshot before you hurt anyone else.

But none of that needs to happen if people can just keep themselves from dying. This is a politics and blogging event.

...For the first two days, at least. You can't spell Newsflesh without Government Conspiracies, so on the third day, a few needles of live Kellis-Amberlee, guaranteed to send anyone who gets it into their bloodstream into full amplification and turn, will be found in various places.

This still might not actually get anyone infected, but causing an outbreak isn't the point... it's that people have to be afraid. Security will ramp up, people will be afraid to talk to others face to face, and the amount of blood tests will increase. Can you really trust strangers, or even your friends? Someone is trying to kill the political candidates, or the press, or maybe even you, and maybe you can find out who if you risk leaving your room, but then again, maybe you'll just find one of those darts in your arm, so...

Is telling the truth worth that risk?

Character: Georgia Mason
World: Newsflesh
+ all the characters from the world ‘Newsflesh’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'electoral college' is missing from their memories.

[ August 25th - 29th ] They've got a whole nine wrapped together: no wonder you can't remember your place neither.
Translation?: For the duration of this event Asgard and some other threats treats from the Nine Realms will be brought to Wonderland. Residents will remain in whatever state is natural to them, keeping their memories, appearance, and powers intact. Characters get a chance to explore the landscapes, see the wonders of the universe, and most importantly - fight for the glory of Asgard!

On the first day residents will start to experience fractures in space. You meant to enter the kitchen, and suddenly find yourself-- hey, isn't this your best friend's room? Time to go for a scroll by the lake andoh god where are you and why is that stranger not wearing pants?! In short, there is a very good chance you will end up someplace decidedly not where you meant to be going. Scientists who monitor energy fluctuations of any kind will notice some serious dimensional rift type anomalies at this point.

In addition closets have significantly decreased their selection, and now only provide traditional Asgardian finery, armor, and weaponry. Stylish as those may be, characters would do well to think twice about trying them on: Donning the colors of Asgard may imbue residents with the indomitable urge to fight (nay, die!) for Asgard's glory!

On the second day Wonderland's mansion transforms entirely into the Asgardian Palace. The ceilings here reach impossibly skyward, vaulted by enormous ornately carved columns. Silks drape in every corner and the windows are covered in delicate latticework. Throughout the palace a couple of ravens flit about to keep watch, but other than them statues of Odin and Freya are the only traces of this world's usual inhabitants.

The stone of the walls is rough, but warm to the touch. Electricity? What's that? Candles burn with technology beyond your comprehension - this is the epitome of the advanced science that is magic. For all intents and purposes, it feels like you've just stumbled into a fancy Viking world mashup with some sci-fi flavour.

The dining room has been transformed into a lavish feasting hall with long tables and plenty of room to revel and carouse. Pigs roast on spits and the tables replenish themselves in an endless celebration, and Asgardian mead can be found if you pick the right stein. Just be careful to drink in moderation, lest you find yourself in need of a doctor afterwards. (The tables do still grant requests, for picky eaters or anyone with unusual needs to their diet.)

The third day will finally put that Asgardian fighting spirit to the test, when Rock Trolls and Ogres from Vanaheim come pouring out of the maze to terrorise the grounds and attempt to infiltrate the palace. They want the good food (aka. you!) at all costs, but fortunately Asgard's defences will spring up, surrounding the building with a magical golden force field.

So... no need to interrupt the feast at all, everyone is perfectly safe, probably! ...Hey, is the ocean starting to freeze over?

On the fourth day Jotunheim delivers Frost Giants to Wonderland's shore. Fortunately, they will scare off most of the Rock Trolls and Ogres. Unfortunately, they also want to eat you and are smarter, stronger, and better at smashing holes in the palace's barrier than the ogres. Beware their touch upon your bare skin, warrior: You may have to cut off your arm to save yourself from the spread of ice!

On the fifth and last day of the event Dark Elves of Svartlfheim invade the palace from the caverns below. The Frost Giants were nothing compared to the fury and rage of Dark Elves, who wield black hole grenades and energy weapons. Some of their ranks are even stronger -- beefed up with some serious mystical steroids and known to toss the Mighty Thor himself about like a rag doll. But do not despair, brave warriors! Rumors say that contact with metals like iron weakens them...

Character: Darcy Lewis
World: Marvel Cinematic Universe
+ all the characters from the world(s) ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Bifrost' is missing from their memories.

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