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+ Current Event Queue Length +
36 submissions

+ Estimated Wait +
32 months


+ Event Submission Guidelines +
[ ] Submission Queue Order
Whenever possible, we do the events in the order we receive them in, so that it's first come, first serve. However, sometimes we have to scramble the list a little. Here are the main reasons why events may not be played out in the order they were submitted:

• There are several events in a row from the same player.
• There are several events in a row for the same series.
• The mod who was supposed to run the next event became unavailable.
• The event might have been selected to be combined with another event.

We try to keep the new order as close to the original setup as possible and trust that players will understand this is our attempt to make things fair and fun for as many people as possible.

[ ♣ ] Event Submission Limits
The number of events that can be submitted by the same mun is limited in the following ways:

• A player with 1-3 characters may submit up to two events per character. (For example, if I have two characters, I may submit two events for character A, and two for character B, for a total of four events. I may not submit three events for character A and one for character B.)
• A player with 4-6 characters may submit one event per character.

If an event is submitted by a player who already has the maximum number of events allowed in the queue, it will be deleted.

[ ] Event Accessibility
Ideally, your event needs to be structured so that most characters, if not everyone, can participate in it. Even if the event only affects certain characters, there has to be something the unaffected can do/post about. It's important for the events to be fun for everyone.

[ ♠ ] Event Duration
Events need to be sustainable for at least three days. Most of our events run between three and four days, but more complex events may last as long as five days. You can add your suggested event length to your submission, so think about how many days would work best for your event's structure and extent.

[ ] Memory Loss as Part of Events
An event cannot erase people's memories of Wonderland unless it's an Alternate Universe event. If the setting does not change, memories of Wonderland may not be affected by a character event.

[ ♣ ] Mature Content in Events
If your event has mature content, that aspect of the event must be voluntary. There must be some other dimension to the event that players who are uncomfortable with mature themes can participate in. Adult themes can not be compulsory. We want everyone to feel comfortable participating in every event.

[ ] Event Rejection, Adaptation, and Combination
For various reasons, we may need to reject, adapt, or combine events. We will always consult with the player who submitted the event first. If you do not want your event combined, we won't. If you don't like our adaptation, we'll work with you for a compromise. If we have to reject your event, we will provide legitimate grounds and give you the opportunity to submit an alternate event while holding your place in the submissions queue.

[ ♠ ] Event Resubmission
If we have to ask you to resubmit your event, only one chance for resubmission will be granted. After that, your position in the submissions queue cannot be guaranteed.