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+ bulletin board archive part seven +

+ bulletin board archive part seven +

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[ January 17th - 19th ] Sight is one of the only things you have left of yourself: And the only thing you have of them.
Translation?: On the morning of the 17th, all characters wake up to find that their bodies have transformed into empty suits of armor. While they represent a wide variety of armor styles, from medieval to futuristic to steam-powered (but not under armour), but everyone will be made of a hollow metal suit, with no sense of touch to speak of, and no taste or smell either. Without a physical body to get tired, no one needs to sleep either, but never fear, there's something to keep everyone occupied during the long nights.

Also at the beginning of the event, a TV (or what stands for a TV in a character's world) appears in each character's room. In a shared room, two TVs will appear, one for each occupant of the room.

Starting in the late afternoon of the first day, it will begin to rain, and at exactly midnight, the TV will turn on (if the TV is already on, it will flicker off and then back on). It will start out with static before a silhouette will appear on the screen. The silhouette is fuzzy, but still identifiable based on shape and body language, and after a moment, each character will recognize the figure as the person not currently in Wonderland that he or she most wants to see, the person he or she thinks about the most from among those left behind at home.

The rain continues through the second day, and again at midnight, each TV will snap on. This time the static gives way to a clear scene of the person from the night before in an imminently dangerous situation. Characters will be unable to do anything but watch and the TV will flicker off without resolution.

In the evening of the third day, the rain stops and a dense fog will set in. That night, the TV will flicker on at midnight to show a few seconds of static before the screen cracks. Smoke and sparks pour out, indicating that the TV is irreparably broken. Even if a character gets a new set from a closet, it's too late to see anything, and everyone is left ignorant about the fate of the person shown on the previous nights. By morning, the TV sets are gone and so is the fog, and, of course, everyone's got their normal bodies back.
Character: Alphonse Elric & Seta Souji
World: Fullmetal Alchemist & Persona 4
+ all the characters from the worlds ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ and 'Persona 4', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrases ‘blood seal' and 'midnight channel' are missing from their respective memories.

[ January 31st – February 3rd ] But you can't blink if your eyes are never open: either way you'll throw your years far, far, far away...
Translation?: On the morning of the first day, out in the gardens and the hedge mazes, there will be many new statues in the snow, of angels hiding their faces in their hands. To the unfamiliar, they might seem harmless. After all, they're just statues. Harmless enough, right?

Oh, you poor, innocent souls. No, these are Weeping Angels, and they might seem just fine while you're looking at them, but the moment you blink or look away, they will come after you. Normally, a Weeping Angel would throw their victims into the past, and feed on the potential energy from the lives they could have led, but there is something a bit more appealing in Wonderland – magic. Specifically the magic that prevents characters from aging.

If a character is attacked by a Weeping Angel, the Angel will remove the anti-aging magic from them and feed on it. But they won't stop there. Absorbing that magic will allow them to feed on that character's life energy directly, and continued exposure to Weeping Angels will cause characters to rapidly age. The only way to defend against them is to not break eye contact with the Angel until you've reached safety. Don't look away. Don't blink. If you do, they will strike. Each second of attack will take a decade from your character. If they look away for two seconds, that's twenty years. If they shut their eyes tight and hope the Angels go away, it could be seventy, eighty years all at once. And if they're not quick enough, the Angels will age them so quickly and so fast that they will disintegrate into nothing more than dust. Regardless of how many mansion deaths they have, they will not come back until the end of the event, and all deaths/disintegrations will count as mansion deaths.

It might seem easy to avoid them – just stay inside the mansion! But that won't work for long. The Angels are moving, and by the second day of the event (February 1st) they will enter the mansion and try to attack anyone they can find inside. They cannot be destroyed, but they can be tricked into looking at their reflection in a mirror, or into looking at another Weeping Angel. This will trap them, since they can't move when some is looking at them.

So don't blink, Wonderland.
Character: Martha Jones
World: Doctor Who
+ all the characters from the world ‘Doctor Who', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'sonic' is missing from their memories.

[ February 28th – March 3rd ] 'Tis all fallen to pieces: and you'll insult me no more with it.
Translation?: Wonderland has fallen apart! Just like the once glorious city of Caelondia and its surrounding areas the dimension you know and love has fractured into dozens and dozens of pieces, and is floating high up in the sky.

Big or small, the chunks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. A piece of forest, a piece of beach, a lone flying entrance hall. Some of the chunks hover closely together, and you might just be able to move on to the next piece with a spirited jump, or by crossing the treacherously narrow pathway that connects them. Other pieces have drifted hopelessly far apart, and only characters capable of flight or teleportation could hope to reach them on their own.

The mansion itself has been fractured especially thoroughly: You may find the bar floating by its lonesome self, while the rest of the fifth floor is hovering somewhere else entirely. But fear not, the network, the mirrors, and the many magical closets are all still in perfect working condition, although that isn't to say that your character will necessarily have access to them from wherever they got themselves stranded...

The goal is simple: Sit tight, and make it through the event without ready access to all of Wonderland, and the necessary amenities potentially floating all too far out of reach. Oh, and watch your step, because it's a long way down to the ground.
Character: The Kid
World: Bastion
+ all the characters from the world ‘Bastion', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'evacuation' is missing from their memories.

[ April 11th - 13th ] That's absolutely brilliant, if I do say so myself!: Does anyone else have any good ideas?
Translation?: For this event, every idea that comes to mind will be the single greatest idea you've ever had, no matter how dumb it might be. The dumber and more ridiculous the idea, the better it is going to sound, and the more confident they will be that it is the best idea to have ever been conceived.

Of course, the ideas will vary from mildly silly to completely ridiculous, but if they fail, no one will be put off by it – they'll just shrug and try again (because it will obviously work the second time!), come up with something outrageous to try and fix it, or move on to something even stupider. And as the event goes on, the ideas people find themselves compelled to try out will become stupider and stupider.

It's going to be a weekend of horrible experiments and compulsion to do whatever comes to mind, no matter how dumb the idea was to start with, with no regrets. As per usual, no one is allowed to permanently destroy the mansion in any way and all deaths are mansion deaths.
Character: Chell
World: Portal
+ all the characters from the world ‘Portal', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Apple' is missing from their memories.

[ April 25th - 28th ] You are all beneath me: ...unworthy of my magnificent counsel.
Translation?: The first day starts with a simple ego boost. Your character will have a great day, and feel like dressing up nicely, like reaching out to people, like treating themselves to something good; because they are awesome and there is no shame in hiding it! In fact, by the next day it will be important not only to not hide how great they are, but to let others know all about it! They will flaunt their looks, skills and achievements wherever and whenever they can. They will show off and brag, and just to make sure that they are truly appreciated they might embellish or exaggerate their stories and feats. Towards the end it will be attention at all cost. At the beginning the spotlight was a lovely place to share, but now there is only room for one, especially when everyone else is so clearly inferior to them. Be it through dangerously ridiculous and ridiculously dangerous displays of their magnificence, or downright elimination of the competition, that last day is the day your character will make everyone understand that they and they alone are the best.

And you know how Wonderland can really drive that point home? By making you do it all in song! Because really, what better way to embellish your heroics than to turn them into a musical number! Worried you can't hold a tune or find a piano by the beach? Don't be! Instruments will appear out of nowhere whenever they're needed, and everyone will suddenly know how to play them, no tuning or practice or set-up required! The songs can be completely made-up on the spot, come straight from the characters' canons, or even be songs they have never even heard before, just flying out of their mouths at inopportune times. Some people might even feel the need to dance, and duets and large elaborate numbers are welcome! But everyone will have to sing at least some of the time. No one will get away from the event without singing at all.
Character: The Once-ler & Lord Buckingham
World: The Lorax & The Three Musketeers (2011)
+ all the characters from the worlds ‘The Lorax’ and 'The Three Musketeers (2011)', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The words ‘Greenville' and 'Venice' are missing from their respective memories.

[ May 16th - 19th ] Take and take, eat and eat, but never and ever enough : ...everyone wants something more.
Translation?: For the duration of this event, everyone will be craving something desperately, to almost ridiculous lengths. Famine has struck the mansion, and everyone is hungry for something. That hunger doesn't necessarily have to be food (though it certainly can be). A person can crave a lot of things. They can crave attention, or affection. They can crave love or sex. They could crave drugs or alcohol, material possessions or money. Violence maybe, or at least a good fight. A vampire would crave blood even more than usual, and an addict will find themselves slipping back into their old habits, unable to stop themselves from indulging in it. Any desire or vice that your character misses or desperately needs satsified could apply – anything a person could possibly crave.

For the duration of the event, these cravings will never be satisfied. They can eat and eat and drink and drink and it will never be enough. They will never have enough and they will always be hungry, and it will only grow worse as the event goes on. It's entirely possible to indulge in your vices to the point of hurting yourself or others, or even dying. All deaths for this event count as mansion deaths.

However, there is one exception to the rule. If someone is truly dead and broken inside, then they might not crave anything. If there's no drive left in them, and they're just going through the motions of being a functional, living person, then they will be completely unaffected by this event.
Character: Castiel
World: Supernatural
+ all the characters from the world 'Supernatural' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'Horseman' is missing from their memories.

[ June 6th - 10th ] A long, long time ago, God decided to invite all of the animals to a banquet.: "And don't be late," she said.
Translation?: Half the mansion has been struck by the Sohma Liddell family curse! See this post for more details.
Character: Tohru Honda
World: Fruits Basket
+ all the characters from the world 'Fruits Basket' upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'zodiac' is missing from their memories.

[ June 27th - 30th ] Ain't that too many pups in one place?: Bit too glum, might be...
Translation?: For the duration of this event all the colours in Wonderland become drab and muted. Not quite the black and white air of the Mirror grounds, but it might as well be. It's a sad and washed out sight, but saturation isn't the only thing that's been drained from Wonderland's guests, because in addition everybody with special powers and/or superhuman skills will find that their mojo just isn't working throughout this event.

No bright colours, no special powers, won't that get everybody down? Of course not! As luck would have it the mansion has chosen just these four days to become infested with puppies. Cute and adorable puppies of all (grey-ish) colours and breeds! They are everywhere, literally everywhere, so be careful not to get swept away by a passing puppy swarm in the corridors, or get buried underneath a puppy avalanche when you open a cupboard.
Character: Edward Elric & Cecil Palmer
World: Fullmetal Alchemist & Welcome to Night Vale
+ all the characters from the worlds ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ and 'Welcome to Night Vale', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The words ‘Oberth' and 'infestation' are missing from their respective memories.

[ July 12th - 16th ] It's their age: they think they have all the time in the world
Translation?: See this post for details!
Character: Seta Souji
World: Persona 4
+ all the characters from the world ‘Persona 4’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'culture festival' is missing from their memories.

[ August 8th - 11th ] Up and up and down we goes: all nice and good if I makes it to the top...
Translation?: On the morning of the 8th, several characters in Wonderland will have transformed into Good Omens-style angels and demons. They will be outfitted with one or more wonderful pair(s) of extraplanar wings, as well as the drive to inspire humanity towards good or evil respectively. Humanity? Yes, that would be any of the remaining characters who have stayed (or been downgraded to) human, and are now at the celestial and infernal whims of Wonderland's transformed guests. See this post for more details.
Character: A.J. Crowley
World: Good Omens
+ all the characters from the world ‘Good Omens’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The word 'apple' is missing from their memories.

[ August 31st - September 4th ] So much to decide on and such a long journey ahead of you: I hope you don't get the cholera.
Translation?: See this post for details!
Character: America
World: Axis Powers Hetalia
+ all the characters from the world ‘Axis Powers Hetalia’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'gold rush' is missing from their memories.

[ October 10th - 12th ] There it goes; my last chance for peace: Honesty is hardly ever heard and mostly what I need from you.
Translation?: When the event begins, there will be white boards mounted to the walls in the spaces that are not occupied by mirrors. Each and every one will have one word written on it in large letters that cannot be erased - Honesty.

At first, that might seem to be the only change. Despite the ominous word, no one is being forced to constantly tell the truth. However, over the next few days, people will begin revealing their secret song. No one will do everything in song, but whatever they're feeling most strongly will come out one way or another, in a fantastic musical number, even if it's something they would never normally share. Someone who normally presents themselves as a confident person might feel compelled to sing about how alone they feel inside. A nice person might be unable to just bury angry feelings like they always do. A tough guy might let his tender side come out in a sweet ballad. Or maybe they have some dark secret they've been hiding, like they're a murderer, or they showed up in Wonderland pregnant, or maybe they're in love. Whatever it is they're really feeling, they're going to let everyone know. They won't be able to fight the compulsion and they will not be able to ICly pick their songs – the perfect words and tune will just come to them all of a sudden.

In addition, it's entirely possible that they might find themselves suddenly in an elaborate costume, and their room might now include a stage or some other interesting set design to go along with their song. Perhaps they magically know how to dance now, or maybe their song will just be an intense ballad with incredibly dramatic lighting – and have there always been wind machines in the halls? And go ahead and make your own duets and mash-ups if you're so inclined! However, despite all of the magical scene-setting, no one's singing abilities will actually be improved in this event. If they can't carry a tune under normal circumstances, they won't be able to now either. This ain't Broadway, you guys.
Character: Quinn Fabray
World: Glee
+ all the characters from the world ‘Glee’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'ballad' is missing from their memories.

[ October 24th - 28th ] Want to tear it right down and start all over, I sure does: but how's a fella gonna keep it all straight in his head?
Translation?: At 8:14 on the night before the event starts proper, a thick purple fog will roll over Wonderland. There's no stopping it, and it will cover every last inch of the place. It lasts for exactly one minute, and everybody in Wonderland will fall asleep under its power.

When they wake up the next day, well, Wonderland has become a small town in Maine, where each day is no different from the last and things have been that way for as long as anybody can remember. See this post for details.
Character: Regina Mills
World: Once Upon a Time
+ all the characters from the world ‘Once Upon a Time’, upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'Maine' is missing from their memories.

[ November 19th - 23rd ] We must be certain to close the doors. They shouldn't be even the slightest bit ajar! : After all, we wouldn't the darkness to come inside and get us!
Translation?: For most people, in most worlds, coming back from the dead good as new isn't just not normal. It's unnatural, and it doesn't come without consequences.

If your character has ever died, whether it was at home or in Wonderland, they will begin to experience unusual side effects. Their death has left their minds open to manipulation by dark forces, and everyone will have different experiences depending on what abilities or skills they would normally rely on. These experiences will only get worse and worse as the event goes on, and depending how many times the character in queestion has died. The only way to ease these ill effects is for them to find their anchor – a person who grounds the affected character to reality, but don't wait too long! If they don't find their anchor before the end of the fourth day, they will lose all of their connections to humanity and be unable to be calmed down or brought out of their hallucinations unless either they are killed or the event ends. See this post for most specific details.
Character: Allison Argent
World: Teen Wolf
+ all the characters from the world 'Teen Wolf', upon waking, will feel woozy for a moment. The phrase 'nemeton' is missing from their memories.

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